Virtual Round Table

This virtual roundtable for mixed fleet construction equipment managers aims to raise awareness of machine data retrieval via the AEMP standard and its benefits to the organization.

May 21st, 2021

9:30 - 11:30 am

Your hosts

  • Robert Michealides (COO, Proemion)
  • Ralf Lüddemann (Head of machine technology, Leonhard Weiss)
  • Markus Neumann (Head of Product, Proemion)


  1. Introduction
    Who we are and our experience in telematics
  2. Telematics for mixed machine fleets
    What is AEMP and how do I use it to enable access to my machine data?
  3. Use cases for fleet managers
    How can you leverage your machine data to deliver real business value? A practical example from Leonhard Weiss.
  4. How to get started
    A step-by-step guide to mining your fleet's machine data.
  5. Questions & Answers
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