Machine Maintenance

Keep your worksite safe

Unexpected breakdowns of machines can lead to long-term delays and thus increase the entire construction projects' costs. Also, machine failures can introduce safety risks to your worksite. 

Specific problem

With large mixed fleets, it is easy to lose track of the maintenance

You may wonder what is the maintenance status of your machines across different OEMs. Or which machines need to be serviced next to build your maintenance plan. Furthermore, doing this manually in larger fleets is unreasonable.

Also, purchasing replacements and spare parts for machines needing maintenance on a per-machine basis are highly inefficient and expensive. Getting the full picture of spare parts you need to purchase from a dealer can save you money.

OUR Solution

Scheduled maintenance for the future to minimize the risk of breakdowns.

We can provide an efficient maintenance solution for mixed fleets that will allow you to track upcoming maintenance tasks across all your machines, no matter the OEM.

You can integrate our maintenance solution with each machines' maintenance service plans so you can arrange your replacement and spare part purchases ahead of time.

Also, our maintenance solution is fully extensible and can flexibly integrate with your existing systems to enable automated workflows, so manual intervention is reduced in all steps of your maintenance workflow.

We can help you maintain a healthy fleet in a timely fashion, reduce failure, decrease operational costs, and improve safety.