The cloud platform that makes all other clouds obsolete

Key benefits

The platform for you to manage all your machines from a single place regardless of the OEM.

Scales with your growth

Whether you manage hundreds or hundreds of thousands of machines, we provide a scalable infrastructure for all your big data.

Connect with various OEMs

Thanks to the DataPlatform, you can connect to your machines live and remotely independently of the OEM with the open API and AEMP first approach.

Integrate anything, fast!

The DataPlatform makes the collected data available to you as REST API, AEMP API, or via DataPump at the place where you need it and how you need it.

HOW it Works

A single, secure, and scalable platform to build on.

Connect your global mixed fleet

Seamlessly connect your machines with the DataPlatform using telematics hardware, simple tracker, and Bluetooth beacons and integrating data from other OEM telematics and IoT providers.

Manage all data on a trusted, intelligent platform

The DataPlatform is a scalable, enterprise-grade infrastructure providing big data storage and powerful analytics to manage all your machine data in a single place securely. The platform is the heart of our Mixed Fleet solution. You can also build on our platform, which will drastically reduce the complexity of your IoT applications and save you money and time as your business moves forward.

Integrate into your ecosystem and build custom apps

In addition to using our all-in-one platform, you can also use the powerful APIs to integrate the DataPlatform with other systems:

  • Build your custom apps based on the Rest API or AEMP API.
  • Push your machine data into third-party clouds with the DataPump.
  • Connect to your machine independently of the OEM using AEMP or Rest API.

We offer comprehensive documentation and tools to get your developers up and running fast.

Get up and running with our developer documentation.

The DataPlatform API documentation contains an up-to-date reference of all backend API objects, methods, attributes, and responses to help you integrate your custom applications in no time.

Go to API documentation 
The features

Powerful interfaces to rapidly integrate and connect with anything.


Our DataPlatform allows mixed fleet owners to collect data from their machines regardless of the OEM and 3rd party telematics providers via the standardized AEMP API (ISO 15143-3). This API enables the integration into a single portal where all equipment data will be available to the machine owners. Using several telematics portals is a thing of the past.  

Let's face it: hopping between different portals is a pain. With the AEMP API standard, you can quickly bundle various telematics providers in one interface preventing a siloed view of the existing data. As a result, you can get the most out of the collected insights as a machine owner. And that's what matters - making data-driven decisions to improve the business.

Additionally, you can export AEMP API data straight from the portal, a functionality that is now essential in many industries and is expected to become even more crucial in the year to come.


A REST API is an application program interface (API) that uses HTTP requests to GET, PUT, POST, and DELETE data.

It is the standard interface between DataPlatform and various web interfaces and equipment without AEMP. The web interface can either be our DataPortal or a tool developed especially for it. Also, mobile apps for iOS or Android can be supplied with data via REST API.


The DataPump securely streams your machines' data directly into your existing systems, let these be on-premise or on your preferred cloud provider (Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure).

Use the DataPump to combine your machines' data with other sources in your own data lake. Improve your analytic processes' efficiency by allocating your data closer to the consuming processes. Or maintain data backups under your policies.

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