CANlink® wireless 3000

CAN via Wi-Fi and Bluetooth

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Wifi and Bluetooth data transfer for easy CAN-Network link

  • CANlink® wireless is affordable
  • Use as wireless bridge or service interface
  • Transmitting Wi-Fi and Bluetooth
  • Available with and without external antenna
  • High data transfer rate
  • Robust Casing (IP65/IP67)
  • Perfect for agricultural and construction machinery and other mobile machines in the heavy machinery industry

CANlink® wireless as wireless bridge

CANlink® wireless is a multi-functional interface for various applications. Even hard to link networks can be connected easily, simplifying handling and saving costs.

With CANlink® wireless it is possible to connect mobile units and avoid cable wear, while maintaining a secure connection. Machines with a mobile unit connected via cable carrier or sliding contact benefit of the wireless connections, whenever their CAN networks are difficult to couple. As a result, wear on the cable is avoided, a stable connection is guaranteed and savings are made.

The module can be used between different CAN networks or between CAN and Wi-Fi networks; it also can communicate via Bluetooth networks. Wifi data is transferred in accordance with the IEEE 802.11 a/b/g/n standard. Either TCP or UDP data for Wifi protocols are available. A direct connection via Bluetooth can be realized using the Serial Port Profile (SPP).

CANlink® wireless as service interface

A direct connection via Bluetooth to a computer or laptop using an integrated bluetooth interface or a second CANlink® wireless device can be realized using the serial port profile (SPP). In this way, CANlink® wireless can also be used as a CAN diagnostic interface. With CAN bus, it is as if the user were directly connected to a mobile or stationary object. CANlink® wireless facilitates a high data transfer rate in order to display CAN data in real-time. With the configuration software the data can be displayed individually on a computer, laptop, smartphone or tablet.

By using an appropriate router, CAN data can be transferred via the internet or made available over the network. CANlink® wireless has different operating modes. When in infrastructure mode, data is transferred via a Wi-Fi access point, which is often part of the company's internal IT infrastructure.

Robust and low cost

The 3000 series is a low-cost variant in a compact casing for easy assembly. It is particularly suitable for OEM applications requiring large quantities at a low price. The wireless data transmission has a range of approximately 450 meters (1470 feet).

The robust interfaces (IP65/IP67) are suited for rough industrial and agricultural environments with mobile machinery, construction, agricultural and forestry equipment. Likewise, they work reliably in transportation, logistics and municipal uses, as neither cold, heat, moisture, dirt, dust, shock or strong vibration affects their functionality. Even in mining applications, where vehicles are exposed to extreme loads and conditions, the CANlink wireless offers high reliability.

Available models

CANlink® wireless series 300030013002
Wi-Fi (802.11 a/b/g/n, 802.11 d/e/i/h)AvailableAvailable
Bluetooth (V2.1 + EDR)AvailableAvailable
Range200 m450 m


  • IN OUT
  • Wi-Fi
    Available Available
  • Bluetooth
    Available Available
  • CAN
    Available Available

Our CANlink® wireless is available as Danfoss PLUS+1® variant as well.

Contact our Sales team and learn more about the special variant that works with your Danfoss PLUS+1® ECUs.

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