Service Cloud

Service excellence with less operational spend

Machine downtime is expensive and leads to dissatisfied customers. Lost productivity, impacts on other operations, and the cost of returning the machine to work contribute to high expenses for machine owners.

With Proemion's Service Cloud, you have a dedicated system to track, monitor, and remotely interact with your customer's machines, resulting in faster response time, higher quality, and less operational spend. Our solution also helps you meet the constantly increasing expectations of the market. 

Earn your customers' trust by enabling their business productivity and the elimination of unplanned downtime. 

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Optimal workforce productivity
  • Implement remote-functionality for the tools your service team knows
  • Let your service technicians solve machine problems from their desk
  • Have your most experienced technicians diagnose machine issues remotely before sending them or other team members
  • Without the need for service personnel to physically visit site, you can save travel costs up to 20-30%
Improved customer experience 
  • Quickly respond to service requests and fix machine issues worldwide from afar
  • Enhance your reputation for getting the job done quickly and effectively
  • Establish unique customer proximity and high customer satisfaction
  • Deliver the best customer experience possible - that's the secret to happy and loyal customers
Competitive edge for OEMs
  • Differentiate your business from competitors with Remote Service, Online Maintenance Planning, FOTA, and more
  • Develop new business models based on remote functionality, such as unlocking premium features over the air
  • Optimize your service organization, team structure, and processes
  • It's difficult to find qualified staff? 
    Offer both your experienced staff and new employees the opportunity to work remotely
proemion service cloud

One solution, multiple possibilities for OEMs

Our Service Cloud solution consists of many tools and functionalities that enable you to bring your service to the next level. 
Discover all options our solution offers and choose the options that support you for digitizing and improving your service and business success.

Cloud CAN Connector

Enhance your existing third-party CAN based software suite with remote functionality and make features like FOTA your strength


Get full clarity and beneficial insights with a high-customizable web portal and digitize your maintenance management

Service Tool

Instantly visualize and analyze machine data or send CAN messages in real-time - your service technicians will like it

Data Integration

Push your fleet or organizational data with our various capabilities where it’s needed most for maximum benefit

Cloud CAN Connector

Make your service tool remote-ready and save costs

  • Add remote functionality to your existing service tool and you’ll reduce after-sales costs significantly. Now you can diagnose your customer's machine controller and apply fixes in real-time via the internet.
  • Reduced on-site service calls - technicians can remotely read and manage diagnostics data from machines without visiting site. Full real-time transparency makes on-site visits less necessary and ensures the right spare part is taken to site when required. Travel and other after-sales costs are significantly reduced as a result.
  • Integrate with your existing workflow - because you’re simply extending your existing service tool, service technicians can immediately perform their maintenance workflows remotely without the need for costly re-training. Our standard integrations include Danfoss PLUS+1® and Bosch Rexroth BODAS-service.

Plus: Universally compatible, bi-directional connectivity, read/write parameters to machine ECU, bulk firmware over the air updates (FOTA), global availability of diagnostic data, instant error detection and correction, downtime reduced or even avoided altogether, use Proemion Service Tool or your existing service tool.

We partner with many controller manufacturers such as Danfoss or Bosch Rexroth. This means that you can keep on using the service tool that you are familiar with or start using our Proemion Service Tool.
Firmware-over-the-air updates 

Make FOTA your strategy

New machine models often require a firmware update after their product launch, which unnecessarily ties up service resources. Also, keep in mind that machines with different firmware versions in the field mean additional challenges and efforts for your service.  

Stop sending your service technicians to machine’s location for flashing ECUs and start saving travel and labor costs. After you have started with our solution, you can flash machines remotely and even make firmware-over-the-air updates (FOTA) part of your competitive strategy. 

  • Patch individual machines by using your existing service tool and push update files to your ECU
  • Update whole fleets using APIs, our DataPortal and DataPlatform
Learn more about FOTA
Dataportal service dashboard

Have everything on hand, get beneficial insights

  • Drag and drop widgets to create bespoke dashboards with defined access permissions - display the most relevant information for yourself, your Dealers and Customers.
  • Digital maintenance workflows - view a machine’s maintenance status at a glance, with information updated automatically via the DataPortal - remote and on-site data in sync always.
  • Reporting made easy - fuel insightful decision making by managing projects directly in the DataPortal - generate user-defined reports fleet efficiency, fuel consumption, operating hours and more.

Plus: Paperless environment, white label option, adapt to brand, inform invoicing, smart alerts of machine abnormalities or misuse, overlay weather on machine locations, granular user permission management, multiple languages supported.

Discover more DataPortal features
DataPortal Maintenance Tasks FEATURE

Reduce machine downtime up to 50%

Although OEMs provide a maintenance book or service manual, machine maintenance tasks often are not performed by the machine owner according to the book. 

OEMs can build an excellent service for their customers around this area and digitize it with the Maintenance Tasks feature. For example, the feature displays all upcoming, overdue or completed maintenance tasks per machine.

In addition to close customer contact, OEMs can build up complete and transparent documentation of the maintenance work carried out. The results are happier customers with healthy machines that can reach a long lifetime.

Learn more about Maintenance Tasks integration
Proemion Service Tool

Diagnose current machine conditions in real-time

  • Instantly visualize machine performance - a wide array of graphical items to choose from including numerical displays, pointer instruments, column and line diagrams that can be adjusted, moved and edited in size and design as required.
  • Empower developers and service technicians - collate critical data such as operating hours, oil pressure, coolant temperature, revs or speed to a user-friendly graphical interface for easy visualization and interpretation.
  • Diagnose service data locally - as well as working online remotely, you can record and replay diagnosis sessions locally on a laptop for professional troubleshooting offline.

Plus: individual visualization of CAN data, logging of CAN data, save data and play back later, detailed data assists in development and optimization of products, assists service technicians to recognize and locate critical machine conditions.

Data integration

Profit from your data wherever you need it

  • Store all your big data - Proemion’s open DataPlatform is infinitely scalable to accommodate all your big data whether you manage hundreds or even hundreds of thousands of machines.
  • Enabled for secure and reliable two-way communication - seamless bi-directional communication between your machines and the cloud to receive telemetry data or push live updates to your machines remotely.
  • Fast, flexible integrations - we prioritize API-first so you can develop web apps on our open platform, stream data cloud-to-cloud, or connect your own devices to our DataPlatform telematics cloud.

Plus: connect your global fleet via CANlink® mobile gateways or your own hardware integration, cost-effective scalability, custom apps built on Rest API or AEMP API, push data to third party clouds with DataPump, comprehensive developer documentation and tools.

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  • More details about the Maintenance Task feature, it's implementation options and how OEMs can profit from it
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