A range of configuration options

Application products from Proemion gain their full functionality through a combination of device firmware and a configuration file.

With the help of the Proemion Configurator, users can also influence the application behavior of Proemion devices according to their individual requirements and carry out a range of adjustments without programming experience. The configuration of the devices is carried out via a direct connection or via a CAN network. The local and global radio connections of the target devices are also available for the configuration via corresponding gateways. In this way all of the settings can be adapted to the individual requirements at any time, worldwide.

In addition, a wide range of templates and example applications (e.g. fonts or bitmaps) are also supplied, which enable a straightforward and rapid start with the adjustment of the Proemion products.

Flexible software for display configuration

In contrast to comparable products, the Proemion displays have a flexible, innovative software. The Proemion Configurator saves further programming effort, since all of the functions and the complete design can be easily configured. Above all else, this additional service represents a decisive practical benefit for the preparation of the signal and evaluation of the results.