Powerful IoT Platform for your machine data.

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Incredible performance

100% powered by the REST API. This means you can access all data & functionality using a single API call. The API also lets you integrate all functionality into your own applications and tools.

Incredible performance

Aggregate millions of data points into a single value in milliseconds. See near real-time updates of every single machine in your fleet. This level of performance is simply essential in a data driven world.

Built for the Future

The future is Big Data, the IoT, Machine Intelligence, & Predictive Analytics. Our telematics platform is built to do it all. So how well prepared are you for this future? We can help you with that ...

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View the documentation of the REST API and the DataPlatform/DataPortal.


Power your global telematics system with one platform

The DataPlatform can connect millions of machines into one data network, while offering continuous 2-way global communication across your entire fleet. You can also connect any machine currently in service, using one hardware unit connected to the CAN-bus.

We offer you incredible flexibility & numerous custom options, to meet ALL your exacting requirements. Just ask us if in doubt.

Built for Developers. Made for Business.

Since the DataPlatform is 100% powered by our REST API, this gives your developers complete control over your solution. You have complete freedom to build anything you want on this platform.

Built for Big Data. Made to Perform.

In an ever increasingly data-driven world, you need the computational power to back up any modern telematics and data analysis solution. You will have all the performance you need to power any service(s).

Built for any Scale. Made for any Requirement

As a cloud-based platform, you can easily scale to any level you require today, and in the far future. Thanks to the API, you can also create or modify anything you want to meet any exact requirement.

Harness the Power of the IoM

The Proemion DataPlatform offers you everything promised by Big Data and the Internet-of-Things (IoT). We combine this technological concepts with a telematics, M2M, and machine data analytics solution – to create a new technology concept that we call...

...the Internet-of-Machines.

Incredible Power | Blazing Performance | Better Data

Our DataPlatform provides powerful algorithms to get the most value out of your data. Turn raw sensor data into normalized, structured data sets, and apply multiple aggregations to them as needed.

Automated Mass Data Collection & Processing

The DataPlatform will automatically collect all available data without any human intervention (after setup). This can include billions of data points per day, all stored and processed for you behind the scenes.

Automated normalization for better quality Data

The DataPlatform will automatically structure the raw data for you, so it can be used for analysis almost immediately. Naturally this process also reduces data redundancy, while improving data integrity.

Complex aggregations through powerful algorithms

Our algorithms let you apply multiple complex aggregations to massive data sets, while returning results in milliseconds. This lets you analyze highly accurate data, without sacrificing service performance.

Meet all Demands

Your customers expect access to their machine data, and also demand useful data-driven services & applications. If you do not offer them, then your competition most certainly will.

Customer Demands

Give your customers what they want (and more). The platform supports any application or service the requires telematics and/or big data services.

Market Demands

Competitive pressure is no small matter. You could spend years + millions creating a basic telematics service, or get a complete one from us right now.

Business Demands

You need to justify the cost of providing telematics & data services. Luckily our platform opens up a whole new field of value adding opportunities.          

100% Freedom to Monetize

We only charge one predictable fee for our services. Any revenue you generate from our platform is yours to keep, so feel free to try anything you want.

Fill all Requirements

Your organization is part of a heavily regulated industry, and likely so are your customers. Your legal team helps you understand these laws, but we help you comply with them.

Legal Requirements

Telematics devices are compulsory in vehicles sold in areas like the EU and North America. You simply cannot afford to ignore these markets.

Regulatory & Compliance

Proving compliance is very important, and we make it easy for you. Accurate and easily traceable data, updated continuously from every machine.

Insurance & Liability

Determining fault and settling claims is much easier, when you have access to all the relevant data. This is why we store all our collected data in the cloud.

Environmental, Health, & Safety

Combining 2-way telematics with data analytics, offers you a plethora of options for improving safety, and finding ways to become greener.

Make data your most valuable asset

Machine data analytics helps you harness the value of your data to identify trends & opportunities. This means smarter business decisions, more efficient operations, and ultimately happier customers. The Proemion DataPlatform offers you significant cost advantages, combined with the ability to quickly acquire new data and analyze this information almost immediately. 

Turn data into insights

What better way to identify trends, than by using the combined data collected from every machine you ever make.

Turn data into decisions

Base your decisions on always fresh, transparent, and verifiable data – delivered to you automatically and continuously.

Turn data into value

Imagine the products & services you could create, using the sheer power and flexibility offered by the DataPlatform.

Utilize & Leverage a truly global view

Connect all your machines into one global network, including any machines currently in service (with available CAN port).

This means no more data silos or mixed fleets!

How We Keep Your Telematics Services Online, Operating, and Safe

Privacy & Security

All our solutions include multiple end-to-end security options & tools to protect personal data. We comply with all the strictest US and EU requirements.

Operational Continuity

Our DataCenter is rated Tier IV, thus all our solutions include multiple backups and redundancies. In most cases services can be restored within minutes.

Remediation Assurance

We actively monitor the performance of all our services at all times. You can see the live feed of our system status and incident reports here.

API first

RESTful Architecture

We offer robust, clean, design. The Proemion API is built using REST architecture. You can make API calls using URLs or URIs, and all responses use JSON. HTTP response codes are used to indicate API errors. 

Access all functions & resource

We have adopted an "API-first" approach to our software. This means all statistical / analytics functions, as well as all your data points & data sets, are available via the API.

Integrate anything at any time

The API is all about flexibility. Even if you start with our turnkey options, you can always integrate any functionality into your own tools and applications whenever you want.

Instant CRUD Logic for all Business Objects

We have taken the tediousness out of CRUD, so you can focus on building the products you want. You can apply CRUD logic to any business object through a simple API call.

All You Need is the Proemion API

We have done all the hard work for you, & we offer you complete freedom to take advantage. We have all the tools you need & a platform to support anything you want to create.

All it takes is a single API Call

See our API documentation to learn more

What kind of Telematics Solution do you need?

We offer flexible solutions to suit any business need, market reality, & technical requirement

Fully Customized Solutions

We can partner with your organization and integrate our development teams. Our level of involvement is entirely up to you, but we are always available.

Turnkey Solutions

We offer numerous turnkey components that let you use our entire solution quickly. Limited customization is available, such as including your own branding.

Hybrid Solutions

You can also choose a solution somewhere between these two extremes. Some parts can be customized or integrated; other parts can use turnkey components.

Learn more about the Starter Pack

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Unlock new business models, value-adds, & revenue generators

Here are just a few of the many possibilities you can unlock with our platform.

  • Usage Based Insurance (UBI)
  • Forensics Analysis & Fraud Prevention
  • Pay-As-You-Drive (PAYD)
  • Stolen Vehicle Tracking (with global coverage)
  • Distracted Driver Monitoring & Alerts
  • Driver Safety & Efficiency Improvements
  • Appropriate Usage Monitoring
  • In-Vehicle Diagnostics / Performance Displays
  • Operator & Machine Efficiency Reports
  • Geo-Fencing & Perimeter Alerts 
  • Vehicle Diagnostics & Servicing
  • Routing Services & Route Optimization
  • Accident / Event Detection & Alerts
  • Emergency Policy Enforcement*
  • Intelligent Anomaly / Exception Detection*
  • Global COTA & FOTA*
  • Machine Intelligence / Machine Learning*
  • Predictive Analytics & Maintenance*

*upcoming features or currently in development.

Even More Features & Benefits

The DataPlatform provides your customers and internal teams with all the telematics services and data analytics tools they need in an instant.

All they need to do is activate and connect their CANlink hardware (via CAN bus) to their preferred choice of connectivity (for example using the built-in SIM card) – and voila – instant access to their machine data.

This is quite possibly the simplest and easiest way to offer a complete telematics service at scale.

You can connect any vehicle or machine into the DataPlatform, simply by using our CANlink hardware (via CAN bus). This can eliminate data silos, extend the useful service life of your machines, and bring all the benefits of modern telematics technology to your entire fleet. 

As long as there is a CAN port available to plug in the unit, it can be connected to your data network in seconds (via the DataPlatform). It does not matter if the vehicle / machine is 5, 10, or 20+ years old – all you need is a CAN port.

The DataPlatform is a cloud-based solution, and accordingly takes advantage of all the benefits therein. This means your solution can easily scale to any needed level, and comes with built-in redundancy features to ensure operational continuity.

This includes unlimited data storage, bandwidth, computations, and processing. Everything you need to run a massive global data network.

You will simply never have to worry about sufficient capacity or service availability to run your operations. Furthermore, all collected data will be indefinitely stored in the cloud of your choosing indefinitely.

All data collected by Proemion CANlink units will become available for consumption and analysis almost instantly. The only limitation is the availability of 3rd-party data connectivity (such as mobile data plans from your favorite telecom) which is beyond the control of Proemion.

All Proemion CANlink units also offer 2-way data connectivity, which means you can SEND data to your vehicles / machines (for example new instructions or a firmware update). This means you can keep the software on your machines updated at all times, and maximize the service lifetime of all your vehicles and machines.

We are highly focused on making it as easy as possible to use the API for any and all telematics functionality. Since the DataPlatform is 100% powered by the REST API, this means you can access all data & functionality using a single API call.

You can also integrate all functionality into your own applications and tools at any time. For example you can start with a turnkey solution (for example with a test fleet or a limited rollout phase) and then later integrate and customize the entire solution to fit your precise needs.

While you can customize just about anything you want to in our telematics solution, we also offer a number of turnkey components to help you get things running more quickly. This reduces the development time and effort required to offer a complete telematics solution to your customers and internal teams.

You will always have the option to later fully customize and/or integrate all functionality into your own tools and applications. Since you can have a fully working solution ready in less time (using turnkey components), you will have no need to rush pushing out your custom tools.

Services powered by the DataPlatform can be deployed anywhere, to anyone, at any time - and there is no user or device limit. This means you can deliver Telematics Service to all your customers and internal teams, whenever you want and at a moment’s notice.

All you need to do is turn on the CANlink unit and wait for the network connection to complete successfully. The connected machine is automated registered in the system, and all available data becomes immediately accessible through the DataPortal.

There is no limit to how many devices / machines you can register in the DataPlatform.

We offer end-to-end security over our entire Telematics Solution.

This includes but is not limited to:

  • Physical security procedures in our data center
  • Data Encryption where appropriate
  • Strict data privacy policies. For example we only use customer data to provide services (never for advertising purposes). Anonymous machine data may be used to improve services and performance, but only with your authorization.
  • Data Recovery & Backups
  • Database security. For example all your data is hosted in a private database.
  • 100% Data Ownership. We will not delete data in your account without giving you time to export it.

Our security features can also be made to work with, or around, your own security policies. Further details are defined and covered in the Service Level Agreement (SLA).

Roadmap to the Future

How we will stay (and keep you) on the cutting edge of Telematics Technology

Your feedback is crucial for helping us improve our technology, capabilities, and services. This is how we designed and built the DataPlatform in the first place, and this is also why we prefer to work closely with our clients at all stages of engagement.

You, your team, and your customer feedback are the best sources of information for learning where to improve and what features to build next. 

We are actively improving the DataPlatform on a continuous basis, which is again why your feedback is so important to us. Some of the key activities we are focusing on is adding more functionality, improving performance, simplifying integration - and making it even easier to manage large data sets.

Big Data is already the heart of any good Telematics Solution. While we already offer many tools, lots of flexibility, and great performance - this does not mean we will be standing still in terms of development.

We are always working on creating new features, improving service performance, and developing more sophisticated data algorithms. You can see some of the more interesting developments here, and you can also sign up for our newsletter to keep informed of new releases.

Our aim is to take all the pressure off your organization, so you will never have to worry about your telematics services again. We work exclusively with telematics and machine analytics, which means you can focus your efforts entirely on your core business operations.

Accurately determining the status of your machines is crucial for the efficient and productive performance of your machines and vehicles. Accordingly we are continuously working on improving the detection of anomalous data, in order to more accurately represent the true status of every machine.

This is a feature that naturally gets better over time, as we gather more and more data from machines operating in very diverse conditions. This is also why we actively make sure to account for and adjust to new anomalous events and conditions, so they do not affect the operating status of your machines.

True Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a massive field in its own right with some astounding potential. We are focusing more actively on Machine Intelligence, which is a subset and specific use case of Artificial Intelligence.

Our ultimate goal is to create a platform that will enable and power Machine Learning and Machine Intelligence for our clients. This means machines that can perceive their environment, and take actions that maximize the chances of success in a specified goal – specifically by “learning” and “solving problems” encountered in new and unique environments.

Be sure to sign up for our Newsletter to stay informed about continuing developments in our Machine Learning and Machine Intelligence efforts.

These are the natural result of Predictive Analytics and the Continuous 2-way Global Communication we already offer through our service. We are already working closely with our partners to make Predictive Analytics a commercially viable reality.

Once available – you will be able to predict potential issues in your fleet, and then automatically alert operators or monitors so they can be addressed before they have a chance to cause problems.

You will also be able to proactively or reactively enforce safety policies in a matter of seconds. Such enforcements will always be based on received data, plus your own scenario models, safety policies, and specified data thresholds. For example applying emergency brakes, shutting down or disabling the engine, and disabling entry or exit from the vehicle in an anomalous situation.

These will also enable organizations to finally implement Predictive Maintenance (Pdm) in their servicing and after-sales plans.

Be sure to sign up for our Newsletter to stay informed about our developments in Predictive Analytics and Predictive Maintenance.

This is our ultimate goal – unleashing the Internet-of-Machines! Combining all the benefits and capabilities of the Internet-of-Things networking (IoT), Machine-to-Machine (M2M) communications, Global Telematics Connectivity, and Big Data Services.

Make sure you sign up for our Newsletter to keep informed about continuing developments in the IoM.