How to make your service digital and remote with a telematics solution.

Good service and after-sales increase customer satisfaction and increase repeat sales. That is why a good service process is essential today. A remote service solution can save you money and create a WOW effect with the customer.

Create your remote service strategy with telematics

The timely service and proper maintenance of the mobile machines you manufacture can be essential in maintaining your customers and your company's reputation as an OEM. Consider this: according to the International Journal of Engineering Science Invention, construction equipment maintenance contributes to about 40% of total construction project overrun costs. Telematics can help you shift to a service strategy that is remote, digital, and preventative with streamlined processes that improve service productivity and customer service. By making it easier to monitor and execute maintenance schedules, telematics can help you better maintain machine efficiency, minimize warranty claims, and prevent operator injuries and accidents caused by equipment failure. Telematics can also help you meet increasing customer demand by enabling you to resolve maintenance and service issues more quickly. Saving your customers time and limiting disruption to their regular operations.

current Situation

CAN bus diagnostics without telematics

Without telematics, diagnosing a machine requires a physical cable connection to your service tool. It's a workable situation but one that requires a service technician to be on-site, extracting data from one machine at a time. 

A better way

Proemion Realtime mode for service sessions

Remote service eliminates the need for service technicians to perform on-site diagnostics. They can evaluate your entire fleet from anywhere. For example, with Proemion, you can use the TCU CANlink® mobile 3000 to replace cables. Enable remote service sessions that allow you to use real-time data to diagnose machines from anywhere. This functionality can be supported either by your existing service tool or by our Proemion Remote Service Tool.  

The Remote Service Tool is a desktop application that works with CANlink mobile to display a real-time view of your global fleet's CAN data. The Tool is easy to customize and has various features, including cockpit instruments and status displays.

If you have an existing service tool, it's easy to connect Proemion hardware to your system. We've partnered with popular controller manufacturers to provide remote connectivity to their OEM service tools. Our Bosch Rexroth and Danfoss PLUS+1 are already in place, and we can accommodate other service tools as well.


Enhance customer service and reduce costs

According to a McKinsey & Company report, more than 50% of all OEMs believe that the aftermarket is increasingly essential to their businesses. Introducing telematics into your service strategy unlocks multiple benefits for the aftermarket — increased efficiency and productivity are just the beginning. You can also:

Reduce pass-through expenses

The customer doesn't need to pay for unnecessary travel expenses when remote diagnosis uncovers a problem that can be solved by simple ECU updates. 

Reduce machine downtime

When service technicians can quickly diagnose and solve machines' problems, customers experience less downtime, and customer satisfaction stays high.

Offer premium service options

Diagnoses can be performed anywhere by highly qualified engineers, even when travel is impractical. "Immediate response" after-sales-service can be offered as a value-added service when you have a remote service strategy powered by telematics.

Save time

Problems are solved faster when your service technicians can perform initial machine diagnostics remotely. Travel is only required when replacing installing faulty components and not for the initial diagnosis.

Avoid re-training

Existing service tools can support Proemion real-time connectivity. This option brings all the benefits of remote connectivity without the need to retrain the staff on new tools.

Customize your solution

In-house service tools can be quickly developed using the Proemion Dashboard tools. This is done simply by configuration and without the costs associated with maintaining a software R&D team.

Savings with a remote service strategy

This calculation example is based on a real customer with about 1600 machines. Per year the customer can perform about 1200 service cases remotely. We estimate that no additional travel was necessary in about 30% of the cases.

Case Study

How Doppstadt reduced costs by introducing digital services

30%travel costs saved10%more closed service cases per month15%reduce of the customer's machine downtime

The Challenge

Doppstadt, a recycling machine manufacturer, wanted to improve its service for machine owners. Its main objective was to reduce customer downtime and increase their service requests' speed. At the time, Doppstadt did not have a uniform service tool and missed out on performing remote diagnosis for service cases.

The Solution

The first step of our solution for Doppstadt was to equip all of its vehicles with our CANlink mobile. The usage of our TCU enabled all relevant CAN data to be transmitted to the Doppstadt service team. Also, Proemion and Doppstadt worked together to develop a service tool tailored to the service team and the customers' needs.

The Benefits

Now, Proemion's hardware and the new service tool enables Doppstadt service technicians to support every customer in the best possible and most efficient way. Remote diagnosis and the pre-analysis of error messages reduce the number of on-site service calls that are needed. As a result, technicians work through cases quickly and are more productive. Through this, both Doppstadt and their end customer save money, while the efficient handling of service cases increases everyone's satisfaction.


Global Connectivity


Recycling machines

About Doppstadt

Doppstadt is a modern enterprise with tradition. In 1965 Werner Doppstadt founded an agricultural company at Velbert, which today is a worldwide leading partner in environmental technology.

Competent, highly motivated employees plan, realize and produce recycling machines and plants - mobile and stationary - for processing various materials such as waste wood, garbage, industrial waste, biowaste, excavated earth, and green waste.

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