Learn about industry best practices for connectivity and how you can set your business up for success in the age of digital transformation.


Off-highway OEMs must exploit modern telematics solutions to remain competitive

Welcome to the fourth industrial revolution - are you keeping pace?

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Meeting the challenges of secure wireless connectivity

Security measures for Proemion Global Connectivity solution

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3 options to reduce your data consumption by up to 94%

Best Practices from Proemion Field Applications Engineers

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How to make your service digital and remote with a telematics solution.

Good service and after-sales increase customer satisfaction and increase repeat sales. That is why a good service process is essential today. A remote service solution can save you money and create a WOW effect with the customer.

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Why OEMs should avoid the risk of getting left out of telematics!

Telematics solutions create competitive advantages for you and your customer - but only if you select, install, and control them.

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Buying criteria and guidance:
CAN-based telematics for the off-highway industry

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Top 3 reasons why a large Proof of Concept hurts your business and how to overcome this

While decision-makers need evidence that the intended solution works, including as many use-cases as possible into a PoC will seldom deliver the desired outcome!

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