Fuel logistics planning

Make fuel deliveries simple, reliable, and transparent with a unified view of your fleet

Managing fuel delivery to worksites is critical for two reasons. First, failing to properly time deliveries or to provide enough fuel to keep machines running can result in idle machines and productivity losses. Second, fuel is typically the highest operating cost for any fleet of machines. It is crucial to deliver the right amount of fuel necessary for your fleet while not exceeding your fuel budget. Typical refueling logistics are based on guesswork. A unified view of your entire fleet via telematics can make it an exact science.

Specific problem

Managing the refueling process is time-consuming and cost-intensive, but it doesn't have to be

Scheduling fuel deliveries to job sites is a challenge. If you don't know exactly which machines are at a site or have a real-time view of individual machines' fuel levels, you can't say how much fuel you need. You run the risk of over- or under-supplying the site, resulting in waste or work stoppage. Without oversight of machines' fuel levels, you must also account for the time-consuming task of recording fuel levels manually onsite and the potential for error in that process. Without the benefit of automation, every step in refueling, from requesting to delivering fuel and invoicing, is inefficient and prone to error.

Our Solution

Let your employees get back to work

With our AEMP Hub and DataPortal, you get a quick and accurate view of your entire fleet along with current fuel levels, consumption rates, and fuel capacities of every machine. Machines can alert dispatch to refueling needs and provide geopositioning data, making it fast and easy to find the machine on the worksite. Suppliers can report refueling digitally with before and after comparisons and can send automated invoices. With these capabilities Based on this capability, you can build a robust fuel logistics process for your mixed fleet.

Manage and analyze your fleet your way:

  • Organize your fleet into worksites and generate daily fuel consumption reports for each one. Aggregate fuel consumption data across all machines to identify trends and forecast your fuel purchasing needs to increase efficiency.
  • Quickly determine how much fuel is left in your machines' tanks and their refueling needs individually, by worksite, or for your entire fleet. Ensure you deliver the right amount of fuel to each location every time.

With our solution, you can relieve onsite supervisors of most tasks related to fuel delivery by shifting those tasks to the back office or completely automating them. This means your foremen will have more time for their essential duties.