Data Platform

Process, analyze and serve telemetry data.

Built for

Our Data Platform provides robust, clean and RESTful APIs you can use for any purpose. You can update your machines using CRUD logic, apply advanced mathematical operations to your data set via our Analytics APIs, and so much more.

Vastly Scalable

We use the latest Big Data technologies to process, analyze, and serve billions of telemetry data points through our APIs. Our Data Platform is built for scalable telematics applications that can grow with your requirements as they change.


Our Data Platform offers a powerful data storage solution you can rely on. You can store the lifetime data of all your machines for as long as you need. This enables you to truly turn your data into insights based on all historical data.

Turn Your Data into Insights

Our Data Platform provides powerful algorithms to get the most value out of your data. Turn raw sensor data into normalized, structured data sets, and apply multiple aggregations to them as needed.

Ingest all CAN-based telemetry data

Proemion CANlink® mobile devices connect seamlessly to our Data Platform. Easily collect all sensor data from your machine's CANbus and automatically store it in the cloud.

Compute normalized time series data sets

Different machines or models may require different normalizations. To make your data sets comparable, you can define how to interpret your sensor data for each machine or group.

Perform Complex Aggregations

Our API enables you to derive meaningful results from your data. Aggregate millions of data points to a single value, then compute averages, standard deviations, or frequency distributions.

One powerful API to integrate everything

Robust and clean RESTful APIs

The Proemion API is organized around  REST. Our API has resource-oriented URLs, and JSON is returned by all API responses. We use HTTP response codes to indicate API errors. 

Analytics functions for deeper insights

Our API provides a series of statistical functions for aggregation and feature detection. This often enables real value to be derived from your data with a single API call.

CRUD logic for all business objects

We have taken the tediousness out of CRUD with our API. This logic can be applied to any business object through a simple API call, so you do not have to do it yourself.

Extract historic machine data with a single API Call

See our API documentation to find out more