What is telematics in construction for?

How do you use your machine data?

Connect your machines and capture the machine data that is waiting for you 

CAN bus-based mobile machines offer an enormous spectrum of data that often remains unused in the construction industry. In the age of IoT, Big Data, and Smart Construction, many OEMs are already aware that machine data can generate an enormous amount of insight that has value for businesses.

Connecting mobile machines with the cloud to collect and process data makes these insights available and actionable, helping construction machine manufacturers to understand and improve their business.


Via the cellular networks and the cloud, you can communicate with your mobile machines

By establishing a two-way machine-to-cloud communication via a cellular network, construction telematics enables the transfer of machine data but gives you the opportunity to interact with machines remotely. 

For example, you can implement digitized maintenance schedule processes or send parameter changes and bug fixes via this connection (e.g., firmware-over-the-air updates) for any machine that is construction telematics-enabled. 

The possibilities — and benefits for your business — cannot be underestimated!

With our Solution, you can easily connect machines to view and analyze your data

The Global Connectivity Solution is a flexible end-to-end telematics solution for mobile machine OEMs in the construction industry. It allows two-way machine-to-cloud communication from anywhere in the world. 

Our solution consists of a complete set of products and managed services that are engineered to help modern OEMs in the construction industry to effectively execute their IoT strategies and deliver greater benefits to their customers.


Our Global Connectivity Solution consists of theses products:

Read what our customer Hydrema says:

"By analyzing the collected data, the owner and operator can optimize both the machine's operational and financial control. Furthermore, the Hydrema Telematics system can help plan service efficiently and diagnose problems by displaying alarm codes. Other vital data from the machine on the online portal, so the Hydrema service-team can diagnose faults rapidly and precisely."

Lars B. Kristensen

Project Manager Heavy Products

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