Data & Connectivity enabled on a Global Scale.

Did you notice that we upgraded you to the new Data Platform? This upgrade is provided as part of your continuing service package with Proemion and it offers you:

  • More robust, powerful, and flexible data tools at your disposal.
  • A more modern Data Platform designed to harness Big Data and the IoT.
  • Ability to enable all functions & integrations using only the REST API.

You can read more about the Data Platform on our website and check out the API documentation to familiarize yourself with how it works.

All Your Data is Safe

There are no changes to your data or configurations. Everything is still (essentially) exactly where you left it, and you should notice no obvious changes to your service performance.

All that has changed is that you now have access to more tools, options, & opportunities to get value from your telematics data – especially from very large data sets. Though this may not be immediately obvious if you are still using the current Data Portal.

Introducing the New Data Portal

We have built a new Data Portal based on the new Data Platform, with all functions now accessible and programmable entirely via the API. What we call our “API-First” approach.

Over the next few months, we will be contacting you about enabling the new Data Portal. This will give you a chance to thoroughly test & evaluate the portal, and provide opportunities to get your feedback.

A taste of things to expect in the new Data Portal:

  • A more modern approach to data analysis and consumption.
  • Web-based and Responsive design (use on any screen anywhere in the world).
  • Drag-and-drop, individually personalizable widgets and reports.
  • Modernized data filtering, sorting, aggregating, and structuring tools.
  • Ability to build and run complex models that get “smarter” over time.
  • Quickly create new data sets on-the-fly, using provided tools or custom URIs.
  • Quickly add rules to enable data granularity, drill-down, and anomaly identification.

We will also continue to add new features, improve performance, and take into account all the feedback we receive from your Data Portal evaluation. You can find more information about the Data Portal on our Website.

Upgrading to the New Data Portal

We will be opening up the public test and evaluation phase of the Data Portal starting from June 2017. Our representatives will soon contact you about starting your Data Portal evaluation, though please feel free to reach out to us should you want to start right away!

We will not switch you to the new Data Portal before you have had a chance to evaluate it first. You will also have all the time you need to prepare for launching the new Portal.

You also have the option to continue using the current Portal, if you feel this is best for your customers and organization. You will still be able to switch over to the new Data Portal at a later time.

The current portal will also remain available in the near-term, and will serve mainly as a user administration tool – while the new portal will serve as a data analysis and consumption tool.

This upgrade would also be included in your service package at no additional cost.

Roadmap to the Future

We are currently working with selected partners to create a system of intelligent network of machines – what we call the IoM (or Internet-of-Machines). This system will get “smarter” over time, and will support all those future developments you have been promised for years.

Some things you can look forward in the near future include:

  • 1-click global fleet-wide COTA and FOTA
  • Intelligent Anomaly Detection & Condition Monitoring
  • Predictive Modelling (including Predictive Maintenance)

Over the long term, we are focusing on unlocking true Machine Intelligence (AI) as well as what we call the Internet-of-Machines (IoM) – combining the benefits of M2M with the IoT.

Stay tuned for more developments in the IoM & thanks for reading.

All the best,

The Proemion Team