CANview® Profibus DP

CAN to Profibus DP

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Exchange CAN data with a Profibus DP network

  • Communication between CAN and Profibus DP
  • Compatible with Siemens SIMATIC® S7
  • Modular Profibus DP V0 slave
  • Robust aluminum housing

Devices from both networks are easy to combine

CANview® Profibus DP enables data to be exchanged easily between CAN networks and a Profibus DP network. As a result, devices used in both of these bus systems can be combined with one another quite simply. There are also excellent fields of application for PLC-controlled machines and systems. CAN sensors or actuators, for example, can be connected to a PLC with a Profibus DP interface. CANview® Profibus DP acts as a modular Profibus DP V0 slave and supports all standard baud rates on the Profibus' side and, besides standard baud rates, all customized ones on the CAN side too. In addition to CAN communication at Layer 2, other CAN protocols (e.g. CANopen, J1939 and customized protocols) can also be implemented upon request.


Its EMC-proof design allows CANview® Profibus DP to be used in difficult conditions. The CAN and Profibus DP sides on the device are galvanically isolated. CANview® Profibus DP is delivered in robust aluminum housing.

Adaptable firmware

The firmware can be customized and updated using a flash tool which is delivered along with the device. CANview® Profibus DP is configured via CAN using the CANview® Profibus Configurator and a CANview® USB, or via Profibus DP using PLC programming software, such as STEP 7®. Moreover, GSD files provide storage programmable controllers so that they can be integrated into existing systems.

Product Variants

CANview® Profibus
Profibus DP1


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