CANview® USB

CAN to a computer

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Transfer data from a CAN network to a computer

  • Data transfer between CAN and USB
  • Connection via virtual, serial COM port
  • Additional Windows® communication DLLs available
  • Robust aluminum housing

Fast data transfer

Using USB interfaces, CANview® USB facilitates fast data transfer with a computer. Connection to the device is established via a virtual, serial COM port. This acts as a conventional RS-232 interface, but supports the high speeds present in a USB interface. Consequently, CANview® RS-232 can also be exchanged for a CANview® USB quite simply.

The device is supplied with electricity via USB and therefore does not require a separate mains adapter. The CAN and Profibus DP sides on the device are galvanically isolated.

For high-performance applications

CANview® USB has a high-performance 8-bit microcontroller which can be programmed from a computer using Windows® software. As a result, the device is able to support customized CAN protocols and carry out high-performance applications easily. CANview® USB is configured using the Proemion CAN Device Configurator. The Proemion CAN Device Monitor displays and sends CAN messages and implements CANopen functions. Drivers are also available for Mac and Linux. Software and firmware can also be customized.

Product Variants

CANview® USB
CAN1 (galv. isolated)
Power supplyvia USB


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