CANlink® Bluetooth

CAN via Bluetooth

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Exchange data simply between different CAN networks via Bluetooth

  • Wireless transfer via Bluetooth
  • Data transfer via serial port profile
  • Optional local I/Os
  • 300 meter coverage
  • Robust aluminum housing (IP65)

As wireless bridge or service interface - Well suited for mobile and stationary applications

CANlink® Bluetooth is a multi-functional interface for various applications. As a wireless bridge - even hard to link networks can be connected easily, simplifying handling and saving costs. With CANlink® Bluetooth it is possible to connect mobile units and avoid cable wear, while maintaining a secure connection. Machines with a mobile unit connected via cable carrier or sliding contact benefit of the wireless connections, whenever their CAN networks are difficult to couple. As a result, wear on the cable is avoided, a stable connection is guaranteed and savings are made.

CANlink® Bluetooth can also be used as a diagnosis interface. With CAN bus, it is as if the user were directly connected to a mobile or stationary object. CANlink® Bluetooth facilitates a high data transfer rate in order to display CAN data in real time. The data can be displayed on a computer, laptop, smartphone or tablet.

Customized models

CANlink® Bluetooth is contained within robust housing and has an EMC-secure design that allows it to be used in tough conditions. Hardware can also be customized upon request.

Possible configuration via Bluetooth

CANlink® Bluetooth firmware can be adjusted to suit the customer's requirements. A flash tool for updating the firmware is also included in the delivery. Configuration is carried out via CAN, RS-232 or via Bluetooth using the CANlink® Bluetooth Configurator. The RM CAN Device Monitor software for PC is used to communicate with the CAN bus.

Product Variants

CANlink® Bluetooth series 200020012103
Bluetooth (V4.0/classic)AvailableAvailable
Range300 m300 m
Inputs/OutputsUnavailable2x A-IN/1x Relay


  • CAN
  • Bluetooth