Local Connectivity Solution

Wireless CAN bridges on-site

Establish machine-to-app or CAN bus networks communication with wireless connectivity between mobile machines or interfaces via Wi-Fi and/or Bluetooth.

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Key benefits

Transmit your machine's CAN data wirelessly to reduce complexity and enable new applications

Make cables obsolete

Wirelessly transmit CAN data up to a range of 450 meters (1,470 feet) via  Wi-Fi / Bluetooth, instead of using complex cabling.

Machine-to-app communication

Enable your customers to interact with their machines in new ways – by streaming data in real-time to existing interfaces such as a smartphone or display.

Designed for heavy equipment

The device features an IP67 protection class, impervious to dust and water, making it ideally suited for off-highway applications.

Many options for local applications

Let’s look at the Local Connectivity solution in action. Here are some typical use cases that illustrate the wide range of applications possible.

Hardware and Software

All you need to start with Local Connectivity

Case study

Learn how BOMAG improves the operator's daily work process with Local Connectivity.


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