Machine engagement platform for mixed fleets

All your mixed fleet data in a single place. How you want it. Where you want it.

Currently, your machine data is distributed across different telematics offerings, making the job of managing your mixed fleet more complicated. But it doesn‘t need to be that way. Our Machine Engagement Platform is designed to make your life easier, smarter, and more efficient. See how.

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Ralf Lüddemann

Proemion enables us to unify our mixed-fleet in both a powerful dashboard and our systems through their Datapump integration, providing new ways to further increase our efficiency.

Ralf LüddemannHead of machine technology, LEONHARD WEISS GmbH & Co. KG
Key benefits

Streamline your telematics data

Import fleet telematics data

Connect your existing OEM telematics systems and import your mixed fleet telematics data using the AEMP standards.

All your fleet data under one roof

No more switching between different OEM portals. Store and manage your mixed fleet data effectively in one cloud environment. 

Powerful portal to manage your fleet

Manage your mixed fleet using the DataPortal as the central fleet management portal. Drag and drop widgets to visualize performance metrics that are critical to your business.

How it Works

Use our standardized AEMP interface to quickly and easily access all fleet data regardless of OEM.

We use the AEMP interface provided by each OEM to collect telematics data from each machine and import it into the Proemion DataPlatform. We can automatically import each machine's data and refresh it every few minutes.

In the DataPlatform, your machine data is converted from the OEMs' proprietary formats into a standard format. That way, we ensure that you can compare apples to apples and get a meaningful view of every machine’s status in your fleet.

With the collected data in the DataPlatform, you now have various options for using it beneficially for your business:

Telematics Portal

Use the web interface of the portal to manage, analyze your entire fleet. For example, you can use the telematics portal to assign permissions to different people or evaluate the whole fleet's fuel consumption without switching between various OEM portals, which is time-consuming.

REST API integration

Use DataPlatform's REST APIs to automate your workflows. Create invoices based on your machines' assignments, automatically generate tasks or orders around your maintenance task, or use them for your custom applications.

System integration

With the DataPump functionality, you can easily stream your data into your system. Be it for backups or detailed analytical purposes (keyword: machine learning or artificial intelligence).

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Our virtual roundtable for managers of construction equipment in mixed fleets to learn more about how to use their fleet's telematics data in their business effectively.

May 21st, 2021

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Everything you need to integrate your machine data into your daily work

Manage Access

You no longer need to duplicate user access settings on every OEM's portal. Now, you can define who can access specific machines in your fleet in a single place. 


Map your machines and users into organizational units that reflect your business structure.

Automate Workflows

Use our first-in-class REST API to build custom integrations and automate repetitive workflows.

Unlock your data

Having your data in one place creates unlimited potential. Pump the fleet data into your server infrastructure to back it up or build your solutions based on Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence.

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