Individual visualization of CAN data

The Proemion Dashboard, which is available as a full version, installation-free portal download or Android app, enables the visualization of differing CAN data, such as operating hours, oil pressure, coolant temperature, revs or speed. Here, among others, numerical displays, pointer instruments and column and line diagrams can be adjusted as required, moved and edited in terms of their size and design.

Logging and reproduction of CAN data

The Proemion Dashboard provides the possibility to log data in an existing connection and, if required, to load it and play it back at a later point in time. The Dashboard software connection transfers detailed data which assists the developers in optimizing their product, and helps service technicians in recognizing critical machine conditions and in the localization of errors.

Proemion Dashboard as a download and Android app

The installation-free portal version and the Android app are specially designed for service use and to be understood as being straightforward display tools. A display configuration is not possible with these versions as changes by unauthorized persons are to be prevented. As a rule, the presentation of the data is the same on all versions.