Cloud CAN Connector

Real-time machine diagnostics at your fingertips

Proemion's Cloud CAN Connector Solution connects you to machines remotely via the cellular network, delivering lower costs, enhanced efficiency, and reduced downtime.

Using bi-directional machine-to-cloud communication, our OEMs:

  • Reduce service department costs - by remotely reading and diagnosing mobile machine data, costly on-site visits become unnecessary.
  • Enhance the customer experience - by instantly reacting to customer requests, the customer service experience vastly improves.
  • Avoid/reduce customer downtime - service technicians, working remotely, diagnose problems the instant they occur, reducing or eliminating downtime entirely.

Some issues associated with on-site, direct cable connection

In our digital age, on-site physical cable connections for service diagnostics are no longer necessary or desirable. Some of the issues associated with connecting to machines physically include:


Sending a technician to the site to make a direct cable connection to access a machine’s CAN bus and diagnose problems is costly. Travel costs, labor costs, costs for time wasted all add up and ultimately have to be paid for by your customer.


Connecting your service tool to your customer’s machines via a cable connection is the “old-fashioned” way of carrying out fault diagnosis. Your customers see you as out of touch and lagging behind currently available technology.


Your customers hate nothing more than downtime - it severely impacts production and leads to frustration and even anger. 
This means unhappy customers and unnecessary extra costs that can easily be avoided by using remote diagnosis.

Remote Service using Cloud CAN Connector Solution

Using our Cloud CAN Connector Solution eliminates the issues associated with sending technicians to your customer’s site to make physical connections to machines.

Our Cloud CAN Connector Solution remotely connects service tools with CAN-based mobile machines worldwide.

  • Machine telematics data is collected by the CANlink® mobile Telematics Control Unit (TCU) and uploaded to the cloud via the cellular network.
  • Data is accessed and displayed in service tools (existing or Proemion’s), enabling machine diagnostics to be run remotely and in real-time.
  • Instantly available globally, diagnostic data supports fast error detection and prevention.
Cost Reduction

Many errors can be rectified without costly travel time, on-site time, and on-site repairs. You save money, and your customer saves money as a result.

Increased Efficiency

You deliver an enhanced service to your customers. You gain a competitive advantage by showing your work in your customers’ best interests using the most efficient technology available.

Uptime Maximized

Timely response to critical situations means machine downtime can be vastly reduced or even avoided altogether. This means happier and more loyal customers for you.

More benefits at a glance

  • Affordable solution
  • Data available globally (not just on-site)
  • Maximize service resources
  • Pre-screen call outs to minimize site time
  • Remote, expert support for on-site technicians in real-time
  • Remote cases documented for billing purposes
  • Use your choice of service software
  • Comprehensive support with setup
  • Minimal hardware required

PLUS enhanced customer satisfaction and loyalty

With Proemion’s Cloud CAN Connector Solution, you reduce costs while delivering an efficient service that takes care of your customers’ biggest concern - reducing downtime and maximizing machine availability. Your customers will thank you for it!

Download the Cloud CAN Connector Flyer

Everything you need to know about remotely connecting your service tools with CAN-based mobile machines worldwide.

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Which Service Tool? It’s YOUR choice...

We believe our Cloud CAN Connector Solution should be flexible enough so you can work the way you want to work. Therefore, we collaborate with major controller manufacturers, such as Danfoss and Bosch Rexroth, to ensure you’re able to work with the CAN-based service suite you already know. Alternatively, we offer you the opportunity to work with Proemion’s own Remote Service Tool if you feel it more closely matches your needs.

Learn More About Your Options in Detail

The hardware

Our CANlink® mobile Telematics Control Unit (TCU) is installed on the mobile machine and communicates with the Proemion DataPlatfrom using the cellular network.


The Dashboard

Our highly configurable desktop application provides a real-time overview of the machine’s CAN data and status.

You keep a constant eye on the machine’s performance, enabling you to diagnose problems the instant they occur, reducing or even eliminating downtime.


Proemion Remote Service Tool - Features
  • Configuration - the Remote Service Tool Dashboard boasts any useful features, including cockpit instruments, CAN monitor, status displays, and much more.
  • Real-time access - instantly connect to mobile machines in the field for active diagnostics in real-time. Your service team is empowered and can react to customer requests immediately.
  • Record and replay - your service technicians can record diagnosis sessions locally so they can perform professional troubleshooting to solve machine problems.

We partner with controller manufacturers to ensure Proemion’s Cloud CAN Connector Solution is flexible enough to work with your existing service tools. 

  • Use the service tool your service team is already familiar with.
  • We have CANlink® options compatible with a wide range of controllers.
  • Partners include Danfoss for PLUS+1 Service Tool and Bosch Rexroth for BODAS-service.
Using a CAN-based in-house service tool?

Not a problem, we’ll help you make it remote-ready too! Download our Cloud CAN Connector flyer to find out more.

Download the
Cloud CAN Connector Flyer

Everything you need to know about remotely connecting your service tools with CAN-based mobile machines worldwide.