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The New Machines Overview Page

Your new feature for cost-efficient travel route planning

An easily assessable overview of all your machinery is crucial for efficiently managing it. This includes being able to assess your machinery by important information, such as machine type, location, and the current maintenance status. Especially in the service department, always being up to date on your machine’s service status is important in order to quickly send your technicians to your customers to perform the on-site service and keep them happy. However, travel expenses can quickly add up when their travel route is not properly organized by planning each service trip separately. An optimized overview of your machinery enriched with additional information on their maintenance status is hence essential for (cost-)efficient workflows.  

The New Machines Overview Page – Everything in one place

With the New Machines Overview Page with maintenance task filters, you have both an assessable overview of all your machinery, its location, and the current maintenance status. The new overview page provides both a table of machines as well as a map, visualized as a split screen. The map is designed to allow you to zoom in or out on any desired location. Both the table and the map are connected, so when you zoom in on a location, the table next to it shows the machines in that location and vice versa.  

The table of machines, on the other hand, can be filtered by any column content, including maintenance information. There is also an information box on the maintenance status of the machines to provide you with all the necessary information on maintenance in one place.   

Optimize workflows and reduce travel expenses

With all these options on how to assess your machinery in one overview, you have all the information you need to manage it at your fingertips. Depending on the information you need, you can filter the machines according to any column content you choose. The map on the other half of the screen shows you the location of all filtered machines.  

This feature is especially useful when it comes to planning maintenance services. By connecting location and maintenance status in one overview, you can now easily assess all the maintenance tasks that need to be done in one area as well as the current maintenance status of the machines. This allows you to combine on-site services that are in close vicinity to each other, thereby saving both time and travel expenses.  

This efficient maintenance planning is also a huge benefit for your customers, because they profit off the more efficient planning and quicker maintenance service.

Our New Machines Overview Page supports you supporting your customers best: 

  • Entire machinery data in a single platform
  • Easily assessable maintenance status
  • Reduced travel costs through proper maintenance planning
  • Increased productivity
  • Improved customer satisfaction and loyalty

You can go to the documentation to learn more on how to implement and use the New Machines Overview Page update.

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