Use Case

Access real-time information on your machine with this flexible and affordable interface display

Thanks to local connectivity, you can access the display interface with any device by connecting it to the machine via Bluetooth and/or Wi-Fi.

  • Solution

    Local Connectivity

  • Benefit

    Reduce OEM costs

The Problem

Having the data of your machinery readily available is paramount.

Nowadays, customers expect telematics solutions in their machinery, but they also need to be able to access the information telematics provides. In order to make the information accessible via the machine, OEMs have to invest in expensive specialized display systems. This approach means investing large amounts of resources and time since OEMs must first design and manufacture specialized display systems that fulfill all their customers' expectations and needs. This approach takes a lot of time and resources since OEMs must first design and manufacture specialized display systems that satisfy all their customers' expectations and needs. Moreover, a customer requiring different or particular settings in their display interface causes additional work for OEMs.

The SOlution and Benefits

Turn any device into a high-tech display with the local connectivity solution.

By equipping your machinery with local telematics connectivity, manufacturers can turn any laptop, tablet, or smartphone into a high-tech display showing a wealth of information from the machine. All you need to do is connect your device via Bluetooth and/or Wi-Fi to the machine and access all the data you need.

This feature provides an affordable and efficient way to incorporate displays into your machines because it eliminates the need for installing specialized displays, thus streamlining the production process. In addition, since OEMs do not need to design and manufacture technical display systems, they can focus on developing in other areas of the machine and keep their overall production cost low.

Moreover, it also benefits your customers since it provides additional flexibility. For example, they can use their own devices to view the machine's real-time data, making monitoring and optimizing its performance easier. In addition, they can customize their display interface to show the information that is most relevant to their needs, providing a more personalized user experience.

Benefits of display interface via local connectivity include
  • Affordable display option without additional production cost
  • Machine data available on various devices via Bluetooth/Wi-Fi
  • High flexibility for customers
Hardware and Software

All you need to start with Local Connectivity