About Proemion

We are a technology company that builds connectivity solutions for machines. We provide the infrastructure to connect mobile machines with the cloud (IoT), with each other locally (M2M) and with humans (HMI). Leading OEMs in the off-highway industry utilize our CAN telematics to connect their machines and roll out digital services.

1987 established

For over 30 years, we have delivered CAN devices and connectivity solutions.

Company history

150+ employees

We are constantly looking for highly motivated people to join our team.

Career Opportunities

3 global offices

We have offices in Europe, North America and Asia Pacific to ensure successful operations.

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We deliver the entire technology chain for CAN Connectivity

From embedded hardware design and manufacturing to cloud-based web services, we provide the infrastructure & resources for state of the art connectivity solutions. Business of every size use our technology as a turnkey or white label solution.

Embedded CAN Hardware

Our embedded hardware & firmware engineers design CAN hardware for the most demanding industrial applications. Our product portfolio includes wireless CAN Gateways (LTE/3G/2G, WiFi/Bluetooth), CAN Displays and custom OEM developments. Learn more

Large-scale Production for Series Applications

All hardware is manufactured in Proemion's own high-tech production plant in Germany. From prototypes to series applications (+100k units per year), we deliver high-quality products at a competitive price. Learn more

Cloud-based Web Services

We provide the technology to process billions of telemetry data globally. All data is stored and processed in Proemion's owned infrastructure to guarantee highest security standards and 24/7 up-time. Learn more

Your CAN Experts for industry-specific Applications

Our Field Application Engineers (FAE) help you to capture and use the relevant CAN data of your machines. We have specific cross-industry expertise and will advise you throughout the implementation and operation of our technology solutions to your needs.

Our Global Offices

Proemion has global offices in Europe, North America, and Asia-Pacific to ensure successful operations in major international markets. Contact us


Proemion is aware that the success of the company can only be ensured in the long term if everyone pulls together and give their best in every way. This includes in terms of product quality, our social responsibility, in dealing with others in the company, and in cooperating with our business partners. In everything we do, we are mindful of sustainability and of compliance with applicable laws and ethical values. The Proemion Code of Conduct defines general standards of our conduct regarding business in a legal and ethical sense, which we also expect from our suppliers.