Global Connectivity

Data-Driven Decision Making

Boost Performance

Operating at peak efficiency and maximizing utilization requires continuous knowledge about what your fleet is doing. Our solution gets you that data, so you can act on it quickly.

Save Resources

Profitability can hinge entirely on how well you utilize your resources, whether looking at fuel consumption or utilization rates. Reduce operational costs based on timely data.

Enhance Safety

Increase safety by using condition monitoring, and trigger emergency protocols based on set thresholds and conditions. Your operators will thank you for taking safety so seriously.

Access Your Fleet from Anywhere

Data Portal

Manage your assets online, and visualize telemetry data from all connected machines using the Data Portal. Get more out of your data and create advanced plots and reports using our Data Portal. View the current state of your machine, and deep-dive into its historic data. Offering a modern, customizable, responsive look-and-feel you can consume the data from any device.

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Realtime Client

You can get direct access to any machine or vehicle around the world in real-time. Not only can you stream and visualize data from any asset in real-time, you can also send commands and updates to any asset on demand. This greatly simplifies servicing and maintenance, since you can remotely localize errors and roll-out service updates as needed.

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Data Platform

Our data platform offers you a powerful fleet management tool. By remotely connecting all your machines, and placing all your data in the cloud – you gain full access to the operations and performance of your entire fleet from one access point.

Our robust API enables your developers to develop powerful business tools that turn your data into strategic insights. You will be able to see real-time telemetry and sensor data from your entire fleet, which will all be stored safely in the cloud.

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CANlink® mobile

The right hardware to do the job.

Global File Transfer

Our hardware is built to withstand heavy off-road usage, and plugs into the machine’s CAN communication bus. Using the embedded SIM, it acts as a wireless gateway enabling global data transfer in both directions.

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Easy Configuration

Our CAN hardware can be quickly configured for any CAN protocol. The embedded SIM enables bidirectional data transfer, allowing remote firmware updates for all CAN components, anywhere in the world and at any time.

Custom & OEM Solutions

Proemion offers tailored OEM solutions, right at the point of manufacture. Various customization options are also available such as hardware modifications, firmware adaptions, or custom GUIs. We offer end-to-end support for solutions based on our embedded systems and web services during conception, implementation, and roll-out. Our engineers and product designers are here to help.

»Together with Proemion we developed the fleet management system connect:desk. [...] Development is fun with Proemion.«
- Maik Manthey, Linde MH GmbH