CO2 Reporting

Easily capture and report on your fleet’s CO2 emissions 

Environmental issues are increasingly important in the construction industry. The push to reduce carbon footprints has led to new reporting requirements for CO2 emissions at many worksites, increasing the regulatory burden on dealers and machine owners.

specific problem

Capturing CO2 emissions numbers for every machine and producing reports for every worksite is a complex task.

If you struggle to understand your fleet's carbon footprint, have difficulties generating reports for each of your worksites, or can't collect the necessary data to make strategic decisions towards reducing your carbon footprint, we can help you.

Our solution

Get an overview of the CO2 consumption of your entire fleet.

Because we can provide a unified view of your fleet, it is easy to generate reports including any of your machines, no matter the OEM. If the OEM doesn’t offer CO2 metrics, we calculate them for you on the fly to use in reporting.

Manage and analyze your fleet your way:

  • Organize your machines by worksite to capture operating hours and fuel consumption for reporting CO2 footprints.
  • Analyze your fleet and compare the performance of machines of the same model across different worksites to identify outliers and implement best practices to reduce fuel consumption and carbon footprint.
  • Identify the best performing machine models among equivalents across different OEMs to drive your future purchase decisions.
  • Create your own CO2 footprint dashboards to increase visibility into your unified fleet within your organization.
  • Extend our core platform capabilities with our APIs to automate and customize your business workflows to your specific needs.
  • Get ready for CO2 reporting now to meet the requirements of the environmentally-aware construction industry of tomorrow.

When you understand your fleet’s emissions, you’ll be positioned to make strategic decisions to reduce your carbon footprint.