Unified view

Make website hopping a thing of the past

No one owns a single brand fleet. And even though most OEMs provide a telematics solution, each OEM provides their own. This means that to manage your mixed fleet, you need to access each OEMs' telematics website. This procedure is inefficient, costly, and time-consuming. And even if you can manage this, this data may not be consistent and difficult to compare or use for fleet-wide analysis.

Specific Problem

Much time goes into compiling information

Find yourself signing in to different OEM websites to understand where your fleet stands, or you are wasting resources in similar integration projects with other OEMs solutions. We can help you eliminate those inefficiencies and reduce the overall costs of all fleet management tasks.

Our Solution

Eliminate the time-consuming and costly switching between OEM portals and get the job done faster

Our solution is capable of interacting with every one of the OEMs in your mixed fleet to retrieve data from your machines through the AEMP 2.0 standard interface (ISO 15143-3). We aggregate all your fleet's heterogeneous data in a single place and harmonize it. So you can work in a central place with homogeneous data, no matter the machine or the OEM.

This allows you to reduce your integration needs to just one data provider instead of building similar integrations with different OEMs. You will realize your integration investments earlier because we remove all the complexities of dealing with other data formats.

Because your data is harmonized in one place, you can use our Data Portal as a central site to organize, manage and gather insights on your fleet. From simply locating your machines around the world, checking their status live, or building all kinds of reports that fuel your business (see advanced use cases).

If that's not enough, you can extend our capabilities using our APIs and DataPumps. Create custom workflows, integrate with your existing systems, or build advanced analytics on your data (see technical use cases but don't name them like this).