Usage-based contract and invoicing

Be transparent in your rental invoices

Tracking the costs for running a worksite or manually handling all the invoices of a machine rental business can be challenging. Other business units or even customers may be asking for transparency on how these costs are being calculated.

Specific problem

Your tools do not provide you with a practical insight into your machine.

If your current solutions can't deal with calculating machines' operating costs in a worksite or preparing invoices for machine rentals, either because you do not have access to the data you need or cannot gather it for machines from different OEMs, we can help you.

OUR Solution

Usage-based billing will increase satisfaction on all sides.

Use our solution to organize your fleet into worksites, projects, or departments reflecting your business structure. We then gather metrics, such as operating hours or fuel consumption, from all machines in your fleet. Then, it will easy for you to use these facts to calculate your costs, build reports and create invoices per worksite, a rental contract, or business.