CANview® RS232

CAN to RS-232 interface

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Date transfer between CAN and devices using an RS-232 interface

  • RS-232 are connected to CAN networks
  • Intelligent, universal and cost-effectiv
  • Special sensor mode and integrated A/D converter
  • Robust aluminun housing

Proven quality

CANview® has been the industry's top solution for years when it has come to connecting devices with serial RS-232 interfaces to CAN networks. Transfer between CAN and RS-232 is bi-directional. Among other things, CANview® serves to connect computers to stationary or mobile CAN networks. Once connected to a computer, CANview® can be used as a data logger or as a CAN monitor. In sensor mode, the device connects a sensor with an RS-232 interface to a CAN network. The integrated A/D converter is used to statically measure the voltage supply and CAN signals, as well as providing additional monitoring and diagnostics functions.

Customized hardware

CANview® has robust aluminum housing so that it can be used in difficult conditions. The device is supplied with electricity either by a plug-in mains adapter or directly by the CAN plug. The CAN and RS-232 sides on the device are galvanically isolated. A 120 Ohm bus terminating resistor can also be connected to the CAN side. All of the hardware, the front film and plug in particular, can be customized.

Adjustable baud rates

The standard firmware delivered with the device allows CAN baud rates to be recognized automatically. Baud rates can be adjusted by directly configuring the CAN bit timing register. Firmware and software can be adjusted to suit the customer's requirements. The CANview® device is configured by the RM CAN Device Configurator. The RM CAN Device Monitor displays and sends CAN messages and implements CANopen functions. A flash tool is included in delivery for installing new firmware.

Product Variants

CANview®RS 232USB
CAN11 (galv. isolated)
RS 2321 (galv. isolated)Unavailable
Power supplyexternalvia USB


  • CANAvailableAvailable
  • RS 232AvailableAvailable

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