CANlink® mobile 3000

CAN via the cellular network, Wi-Fi & Bluetooth with I/O

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IP6k7Degree of protection-40 to 80°Ctemperature range4G/3G/2Gcellular standards
Key benefits

CAN-based telematics gateway connects your mobile machines to the cloud.

Global two-way data transfer

Transmit your machine's CAN data to the cloud via the cellular network (4G / 3G / 2G) from anywhere in the world.

On-edge CAN processing

Record relevant performance data, perform remote CAN diagnosis and do over-the-air updates by integrating the device into your machine's CAN network.

Security by design

All devices are equipped with a Trusted Platform Module (TPM) chip for secure end-to-end communication and authentication. 

Full connectivity

The CANlink® mobile 3000 has it all: full mobile data connectivity via GSM, a built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth transmitter and a global tracking GNSS interface. The devices' bidirectional data transfer allows for real-time remote access to your machines – and a wide range of application opportunities like cost-effective remote firmware updates.

High durability

CANlink® mobile 3000 was engineered to withstand extreme weather and working conditions. The robust composite casing meets the IP6k7 standard and the tough demands of all heavy duty off-highway applications – including arctic or tropical temperatures

IP6k7class of casing-40°C to 80°Ctemperature range

Dependable security

Data is valuable. That’s why the CANlink® 3000 has a built-in focus on security: the TPM-safety Chip. All communication is encrypted with TLS 1.2, protecting your data from unauthorized access and corruption.

All of our information security measures, such as Firmware authentication, were audited and verified by independent security experts.

TLS 1.2encryptionTPM-safetybuilt-in chip
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Easy installation

Plug-and-play is a key principle for the CANlink mobile® 3000: the device comes  pre-configured and ready to go – with direct status feedback via LEDs.

Store and forward

Never lose your data, even if the cellular connection is temporarily interrupted. 
The CANlink® mobile 3000 can store up to 128 Mb of data and sends it to the DataPlatform as soon as the connection is re-established. 
A powerful feature when working in conditions with difficult reception.

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Product models (4G)

CANlink® mobile347735773611*3651*3633*3673*3637*3677*
CAN Port(s)
eSIM Card
4G (EU)4G (US)4G4G4G4G4G4G

* available from Q1/2021

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Product models (3G)

Due to the upcoming shutdown of the 3G network in many parts of the world, we recommend using our 4G variants for new designs. Our FAQ sheet provides background information on the transition process, and a countries list shows already known dates of 3G service termination by country.

CANlink® mobile331133513333337333373377
CAN Port(s)
eSIM Card

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