CANlink® mobile 5000

CAN via 3G/2G with I/0

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CAN data exchange via EDGE / UMTS / HSDPA with I/O functionality and GPS

  • Multi-band UMTS modem for worldwide compatibility
  • Plugs into machine’s CAN communication bus
  • Bi-directional data transfer (real-time access and file transfer)
  • GPS, GLONASS and Beidou
  • Use as wireless gateway for Proemion DataPortal or Realtime Client
  • Embedded SIM card with data plan option
  • Firmware Over-the-Air (FOTA) updates
  • Robust, easy-to-install aluminum housing designed for heavy equipment and off-road use (IP65)


  • CAN
  • GPS
  • 3G
  • RS 232
  • USB

Access to CAN data

In addition to transferring data via GSM/GPRS/EDGE, CANlink® mobile uses UMTS and HSDPA standards to reduce dead time and reach a faster rate of data transfer. As a result, you are able to display, monitor, log and analyze data from mobile and stationary CAN bus systems from any location in an even shorter amount of time. CANlink®mobile 5303 and 5320 have local I/Os and Mini USB.

GPS global tracking

The hardware CANlink® mobile 5301, 5303 and 5320 have an integrated GPS module. GPS, GLONASS and Beidou track mobile objects. We use these functions at the same time to offer better positioning performance. Options, such as an extended storage drive, an RS-232 interface or an integrated battery for CANlink® mobile are also available upon request.

Easy configuration and firmware updates (FOTA)

Easy-to-use Proemion Configurator software allows you to configure the telematics control unit (TCU) for various applications. This tool also makes it possible to carry out firmware updates (FOTA) and to configure devices remotely.

Remote diagnosis and management for fleet and machine parks

By combining sophisticated solutions from Proemion, CANlink® mobile facilitates numerous telematics applications. Using the Proemion Real-time solution, machines or vehicles whose CAN data is monitored can be accessed in real-time from any location worldwide. With the Proemion web portal, you have extensive options for machines and fleet management via the internet, such as report compilation, route and workflow optimization, and anti-theft measures using geofencing.

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