Service Cloud

Service excellence worldwide

With Proemion's Service Cloud, you have a dedicated system to track, monitor, and remotely interact with your customer's machines.

The results are:

  • faster response time
  • higher service quality
  • less operational spend

Earn your customers' trust by enabling their business productivity and the elimination of unplanned downtime. 

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Get the most out of your business

Optimal workforce productivity
  • Implement remote-functionality for the tools your service team knows
  • Let your service technicians solve machine problems from their desk
  • Have your most experienced technicians diagnose machine issues remotely before sending them or other team members
  • Without the need for service personnel to physically visit site, you can save travel costs up to 20-30%
Improved customer experience 
  • Quickly respond to service requests and fix machine issues worldwide from a far
  • Enhance your reputation for getting the job done quickly and effectively
  • Establish unique customer proximity and high customer satisfaction
  • Deliver the best customer experience possible - that's the secret to happy and loyal customers
Competitive edge for OEMs
  • Differentiate your business from competitors with Remote Service, Online Maintenance Planning, FOTA, and more
  • Develop new business models based on remote functionality, such as unlocking premium features over the air
  • Optimize your service organization, team structure, and processes
  • It's difficult to find qualified staff? 
    Offer both your experienced staff and new employees the opportunity to work remotely
proemion service cloud

One solution, multiple possibilities for OEMs

Our Service Cloud solution consists of many tools and functionalities that enable you to bring your service to the next level. 
Discover all options our solution offers and choose the options that support you for digitizing and improving your service and business success.

Cloud CAN Connector

Enhance your existing third-party CAN based software suite with remote functionality and make features like FOTA your strength


Get full clarity and beneficial insights with a high-customizable web portal and digitize your maintenance management

Remote Service Tool

Instantly visualize and analyze machine data or send CAN messages in real-time - your service technicians will like it

Data Integration

Push your fleet or organizational data with our various capabilities where it’s needed most for maximum benefit

Maintenance Tasks Management

Reduce machine downtime up to 50%

Although OEMs provide a maintenance book or service manual, machine maintenance tasks often are not performed by the machine owner according to the book. 

OEMs can build an excellent service for their customers around this area and digitize it with the Maintenance Tasks feature. For example, the feature displays all upcoming, overdue or completed maintenance tasks per machine.

In addition to close customer contact, OEMs can build up complete and transparent documentation of the maintenance work carried out. The results are happier customers with healthy machines that can reach a long lifetime. Learn more in the booklet.

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Request your free copy of the OEM Service Cloud booklet and get: 

  • All important information about our solution in one document
  • All you need to know about the Cloud CAN Connector and how we can help you making your service software remote-ready
  • Options for FOTA and how to make it your strategy
  • More details about the Maintenance Task feature, it's implementation options and how OEMs can profit from it
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