Help machine owners keep in touch with their fleets via mobile

Machine owners whose fleets are spread across multiple job sites face particular challenges, including the inability to view machine status or location while on the go. 

By providing a mobile app, you can solve a problem for your customer—without having to invest in development.


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    Machine Companion App

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    Revenue generation


Machine owners often lack tools that support their businesses, and OEMs fear the complexity and high development costs associated with creating them.

For OEMs, developing their own apps often means high investment costs, so it can be impractical and undesirable, despite the associated boost in customer loyalty generated by branded apps. 

At the same time, site managers and operators increasingly demand greater flexibility for accessing their machine fleet's machine data. They often commute between different job sites and want a tool that provides a quick overview of current machine status and helps them meet the other challenges of their job.

For example, construction sites can be large. As a result, machine operators face the challenge of identifying the exact location of a machine and how to get there quickly. 

The same is true for a  truck driver who needs to transport a machine from location A to location B or a technician called to complete a maintenance task.

Refueling is responsible for a major cost on the job. The assigned person wants to see what machines have to be refueled and wants to know a machine's location.


Provide your customer with a branded app while avoiding development costs and complexity

Offer customers the Machine Companion App developed and maintained by Proemion but customized with your corporate design. OEMs can offer the app via Google Play and App Store or directly on their websites—you can choose which is the best fit for you and your customers.

For machine owners, the benefit of the Machine Companion App is having a mobile tool that supports productivity from anywhere and enables them to:

  • Check all essential machine metrics (e.g., fuel level and consumption, operating hours).
  • Stay up-to-date regarding scheduled maintenance tasks.
  • Detect errors or low machine utilization to understand and increase productivity on a site.
  • Locate machines on job sites quickly and accurately.

OEMs benefit by having a ready-to-start app customized with your logo, company colors, and icons. Customers see the Machine Companion App as your product and associate its benefits with your brand, increasing customer loyalty, and brand awareness.

Learn more about the Machine Companion App that is part of our Global Connectivity solution: