Realtime Client

Direct global connection to your machine's CAN-bus via the internet − in realtime.

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Global CAN-data transfer

Remote bi-directional connection between your computer (e.g. Service Tool) and your machine's CAN-bus via the internet.

Custom Service Tool integration

Perform a diagnosis session or remote update (FOTA) directly from your existing OEM service tool by integrating the Realtime Client.

CANlink® mobile compatible

To establish a remote connection to your machine with the Realtime Client use the CANlink® mobile as a wireless gateway (LTE/3G/2G).

 BODAS-service tool (v3.6.x) featuring Proemion Realtime integration.

Learn more about the Proemion integration into the Bosch BODAS-service tool

Watch our demo video on how to remotely connect to your machine's CAN bus with the Bosch Rexroth BODAS-service PC software via the Proemion cloud.

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Real-Time Dashboard

The Real-Time Dashboard is a desktop application that provides a near instantaneous representation of all available CAN data from your global fleet. This enables you to keep constant watch over the status of your operations, while being able to instantly diagnose issues as they come up.

Real-time Diagnosis

Traditionally, diagnostic data was only available on-site. Now you can diagnose errors anywhere in the world more quickly, and with more accuracy. Thus reducing or even eliminating downtime.

Configurable Visualizations

A wide variety of visualizations are available, including cockpit instruments, status indicators, and much more. Arrange each display however you like, without any need for programming.

Simple Hardware Install

All you need to do is to plug in the Proemion CANlink Mobile Module, and you are ready to go. No additional hardware is required, and the software needs only minimal configuration.

How it works

Here is a simple example of how the whole system works.

CANlink mobile

Telemetry and sensor data is continuously measured e.g. temperature, speed, location etc.

Message Routing

Data stream is continuously analyzed. Alerts are generated in case of a threshold exception.

Proemion Dashboard

User can continuously monitor status, and instantly act on any alerts or error codes generated.


With the Proemion Real-Time Dashboard, you can record all diagnostic sessions and store them in the cloud. It is possible to perform error analysis at any point in time. Thus, an engineer can run a diagnostic session in retrospect and retrospectively perform data analysis. This provides the advantage of being able to work offline without an internet connection.

- Record all diagnostic sessions
- Flexible remote evaluation options
- Evaluate at your convenience

Session histories can be logged via the Dashboard-Tool, for example the timeframe and amount of recent connections. A complete connection history of all CAN messages ensures consistent transparency. Each vehicle or machine access gets recorded and can be evaluated: Who (IP) connected when (time), from which place (IP) and with which vehicle (vehicle number).

- Uninterrupted 24/7/365 recording
- Find out: who, when, where, and what
- Complete transparency

Vehicle and machine manufacturers use different CAN protocols. In the United States, J1939 is used widely, while Material Handling prefers the CAN-Open-Protocol, and agricultural machine manufacturers mainly use the ISO bus. But all protocols are CAN-based protocols. We designed the Real-Time Dashboard to display CAN data from multiple sources. All CAN standards can be thus be individually adapted to various CAN messages using RMtools. In addition, the layout and presentation of the software can be adapted quickly and intuitively. Developer and support personnel can customize their own graphic layout, and display the required vehicle data as desired.

- Protocol compatibility is not an issue
- Can integrate multiple manufacturers into one system
- Global fleet can be managed from one system

The various visualization tools can be combined and linked mathematically or by individual preference. No matter how complex your fleet setup may be, it can be accurately represented using the available visualization tools. It is also possible to detect errors in advance and forecast maintenance. This "predictive service" can initiate measures for preventive maintenance. The Real-Time Dashboard and Proemion server combination also allows for off-site troubleshooting and error diagnosis.

- Flexible CAN data viewing
- “Predictive” preventative maintenance
- Local and online troubleshooting

Our solution provides bi-directional communication. Not only is it possible to read out CAN messages from any vehicle or machine, but also to send messages back to the asset. This provides the great advantage of performing global firmware uploads. All vehicle and engine components integrated in the CAN network can be flashed. Proemion diagnostic software monitors the performance of new software updates. Error detections result in appropriate adjustments or a re-flashing of respective components. Accurate diagnosis and remote fixes are thus possible, from anywhere in the world.

- Bidirectional communication
- Worldwide online firmware uploads (FOTA)
- Worldwide online diagnostics

Proemion functions on its own based server solution. Customer data is stored on our worldwide server farm, monitored and managed by our in-house data center. All our solutions include multiple end-to-end security options & tools to protect personal data. We comply with all the strictest US and EU requirements.
Also, our internal database redundancy provides extremely high security standards for stored customer data and machine values. Thus, we place great emphasis on adherence to German data security regulations, which are among the best in the world.

- Data security provisions based on strictest standards
- End-to-end security options & tools
- Internal redundant database

REAL-Time SoftGateway

The PEtools SoftGateway provides a connection to two CAN networks remotely, which enables the exchanging of CAN messages between these networks.

Simplified Access

You are able to access multiple CAN networks without having to extend your own applications. This greatly simplifies setting up and maintaining your CAN monitoring system.

Configurable Filter

CAN message settings are highly configurable. This enables you to allow or block certain CAN messages through the SoftGateway. This reduces redundancy and bandwidth requirements.