Global Connectivity (IoT)

End-to-end Telematics solution for global access to your machines' CAN data.

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Designed for off-highway OEM

Worldwide access to all machine data

Fully brandable OEM web portal

End-to-end Security

How does the IoT solution work?

A complete telematics solution for OEMs


Our Global Connectivity Solution is a complete set of components to connect, processes, and access machine data both at the edge and in the cloud. It consists of the CANlink® mobile hardware for data collection, a scalable fully-managed cloud platform to store data for years, and a responsive web portal to visualize and act on the insights.

  • Global access to your machines' CAN data via the internet
  • Robust and certified plug-and-perform CAN hardware
  • Cloud-based Data Platform built for enterprise scales
  • End-to-end security adhering to stringent security protocols
  • Secure device connection and access control management
  • Bidirectional data transmission for over-the-air updates (FOTA, COTA) and remote CAN diagnosis (Realtime)
  • High precision German engineering, developed entirely in-house
  • Access everything with the RESTful API or AEMP API

Even more advantages

Connect every machine you ever make into one complete telematics platform. Unlock more insights to maximize machine utilization and operational efficiency, and give your customers the cutting-edge telematics service they deserve. Any data can be accessed via our highly customizable Data Portal or integrated into 3rd party applications via the RESTful API or AEMP interface.

While data continually streams in from your entire fleet, you can also push out updates & adjustments to whole fleets or individual machines. For example, this allows transmitting firmware over-the-air (FOTA) updates to the CANlink® mobile device or any other component attached to the machine's CAN network, such as an ECU.

Replace the traditional CAN-to-PC cable connection between your machine and your CAN based service tool application with a global wireless cellular connection by using the Proemion Realtime Client. Instead of diagnosing each machine locally, simply stream the CAN messages from the remote machine directly into your service tool, preventing unnecessary travel and reducing costs.

The more data you acquire, the more insights you will unlock. Our data platform is designed to support massive data sets, and will enable complex data modelling and machine learning / intelligence.

Offer your customers all our telematics services under your own brand. Almost everything can be customized around your precise requirements.

Matching Web-Services


Manage your assets online, and visualize telemetry data from all connected machines using the DataPortal. Get more out of your data and create advanced plots and reports using our DataPortal. View the current state of your engine, and deep-dive into its historical data. Offering a modern, customizable, responsive look-and-feel, you can consume the data from any device.

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Our DataPlatform offers you a powerful fleet management tool. By remotely connecting all your machines, and placing all your data in the cloud – you gain full access to the operations and performance of your entire fleet from one access point.

Our robust API enables your developers to develop compelling business tools that turn your data into strategic insights. You will be able to see real-time telemetry and sensor data from your entire fleet, which will all be stored safely in the cloud.

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Realtime Client

The real-time mode – a remote diagnostics tunnel – gives you a direct global connection to your machine's CAN-bus via the internet by using a CANlink® mobile (LTE/3G/2G) as the gateway. This allows you to stream and view your machine's CAN data in real time directly on your computer. Moreover, you can save the CAN data of any real-time session locally and play it back at a later time. By integrating the real-time client in your existing OEM service tool, your service technicians can connect to any machine remotely, and for example, perform a diagnosis session or remote update (FOTA).

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