A complete cloud platform for telematics data that scales as your business grows.

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Key benefits

The API-first telematics cloud to manage all your machine data and build your IoT applications.

Scales with your growth

Whether you manage hundreds or hundreds of thousands of machines, we provide a scalable infrastructure for all your big data.

Establish two-way communication

Enable secure and reliable bi-directional communication between your machines and the cloud to receive telemetry data or push live updates to your machines remotely.

Integrate anything, fast!

Our philosophy is API-first so that you can truly build on our open platform. Develop a web app, stream data cloud-to-cloud, or connect your own devices. 

HOW it Works

A single, secure, and scalable platform that products are built on.

Connect your global fleet.

Seamlessly connect your machines with the DataPlatform by using the CANlink mobile gateways or integrating your hardware. We enable bi-directional data transfer to receive machine data and push updates or commands to your fleet in a single API-call.

Manage all data on a trusted, intelligent platform.

The DataPlatform is a scalable, enterprise-grade infrastructure providing big data storage and powerful analytics to manage all your machine data in a central place securely. The platform is the heart of our Global Connectivity solution. You can build on our platform, too, drastically reducing the complexity of your IoT applications, saving time and cost for your business as you move forward.

Integrate into your ecosystem and build custom apps.

Use the powerful APIs to integrate the DataPlatform with other systems:

  • Build your custom apps based on the Rest API or AEMP API.
  • Push your machine data into third-party clouds with the DataPump.
  • Connect onto the CANbus of your machine via Realtime CAN.

We offer comprehensive documentation and tools to get your developers up and running fast.

Get up and running with our developer documentation.

The DataPlatform API documentation contains an up-to-date reference of all backend API objects, methods, attributes, and responses to help you integrate your custom applications in no time.

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The features

Powerful interfaces to rapidly integrate and connect with anything.


A RESTful API is an application program interface (API) that uses HTTP requests to GET, PUT, POST, and DELETE data.

It is the standard interface between DataPlaform and the various web interfaces. The web interface can either be our DataPortal or a tool developed especially for it. But also mobile apps for iOS or Android can be supplied with data via REST API.


Our DataPlatform also allows the collected machine and 3rd party data to be made available via the standardized AEMP API (ISO 15143-3). This API enables the integration into other suppliers’ web interfaces without additional effort on your side. 

Let's face it: Dealers and machine owners rarely only use machines from one OEM. Moreover, many OEMs have already installed a telematics solution. The AEMP API and the bundling of different telematics providers in one interface prevent a silo view on the existing data. Your customer can get the most out of the collected insights. And that is what counts - a satisfied customer.

Also, providing an AEMP API is already an indispensable feature in many industries - a must-have - which will become even more critical in the coming years.


The DataPump is a cloud-to-cloud integration and connects the DataPlatform to another cloud system (e.g., AWS, Google, or Microsoft) and creates a continuous data stream into your system.

The DataPump is interesting; if you already have an existing ecosystem of web portal, mobile app, you prefer your storage (official regulations, compliance requirements), or you want to protect yourself against data loss with back-up storage.

In the case of DataPump, no data is stored on our servers, and DataPlatform is only used to forward the CAN data from the machine to your cloud system.

Raw CAN data stream into your application, with which you can act.

Besides providing data via API or creating a stream to your cloud, the DataPlatform enables realtime access to the CAN bus of your mobile machine. With the help of our Proemion Dashboard or via DLL integration, you can conduct service sessions remotely.

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