Compliance at Proemion

We understand that the company's long-term success depends on everyone contributing their best efforts. This includes product quality, social responsibility, company interactions, and collaboration with business partners. Our actions are guided by considerations of sustainability, compliance with laws, and ethical values.

Code of Conduct

Our Code of Conduct guides ethical conduct, outlining clear standards for professionalism, integrity, cooperation, and the responsible use of resources and the environment. We promote fairness, transparency, and a pursuit of excellence among Proemion employees. Integral to our corporate culture, this Code of Conduct fosters a community where each team member is valued and contributes to our collective success.

Code of Conduct

Code of conduct for suppliers

Our Code of Conduct for Suppliers outlines ethical guidelines and business standards for our suppliers and partners. It is a crucial document reflecting our commitment to upholding moral principles and values across our supply chain. This code ensures social responsibility, environmental sustainability, fair labor practices, and ethical business conduct throughout our supply network.

Code of conduct for suppliers

Proemion Whistleblower System

Our Whistleblower System offers employees, business partners, and stakeholders an electronic platform to report potential rule violations securely. This digital solution aims to uncover misconduct and risks, preventing harm to employees, the company, or external parties. All reports are handled confidentially, with access restricted to employees involved in addressing the matter. In cases with clear signs of compliance violations, immediate and thorough investigations are conducted.

Report compliance violation

Declarations of Conformity

All our hardware products are compliant with the relevant regulations, standards and requirements. Here you can view all declarations of conformity that prove that we meet the specified quality and safety standards. With this transparent provision, we want to give you as the user of the product the certainty that the product complies with the specified standards and regulations.

View declarations of conformity