Remote service tool

Monitor and configure your machines remotely

Experience the power of our highly configurable graphical dashboard that delivers real-time machine diagnostics worldwide.

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Drive success by leveraging the benefits offered by our advanced remote diagnostic tool

Remote diagnosis

Diagnose your machines remotely from anywhere you choose. Eliminate costly, time-consuming site visits and the need for physical connections. 


Stream CAN messages bi-directionally to and from remote machines and our Remote Service Tool. Send CAN commands to your machines to change and configure parameters.

Flexible playback

Store machine data on your client (laptop) and replay previous sessions anytime, anywhere, without needing a live connection to your computers.

Our software

Create clarity with a customized dashboard

With our Remote Service Tool, you can:
  • Visualize CAN data graphically for clarity and ease of understanding
  • Filter CAN messages to display only the information you need
  • Provide your technicians with a powerful service tool they'll find invaluable
And our white label option lets you:
  • Re-name our Remote Service Tool software to match your brand and create a personalized experience
  • Create a bespoke ”About” section that reflects your company profile
  • Select a favicon that is consistent with your branding

Watch the video to find out more

  • How you can customize your dashboard by creating filters
  • Which widgets are available for you to choose from to make your data instantly understandable
  • The power of bi-directional communication with your machines’ CAN bus and controlling your machines remotely
  • How you can record and replay analysis sessions right in your local dashboard
Remote Functionality

Access your CAN-based machines worldwide

The Proemion Remote Service Tool is part of our Cloud CAN Connector solution designed to eliminate inefficiencies associated with sending technicians to your customer's site to make physical connections to machines.

Remotely connect your CAN-based machines worldwide to:
  • Collect machine telematics data and upload it to the cloud via the cellular network
  • Access and display data in graphical form in our Remote Service Tool dashboard, enabling machine diagnostics to be run remotely and in real-time
  • Have data instantly available globally for diagnostics and to support fast error detection and prevention

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