The most important machine data in the pockets of your customers.

With our Machine Companion App, you give your machine owners a mobile, value-adding tool for the Global Connectivity Solution. You get an individually branded, ready-to-launch app for Android and iOS without having any development effort on your side.


Your machine owners are mobile. Give them the tools they need onsite!

The Machine Companion App supports the user in his daily work on the job site. It helps him analyze the most crucial machine data at a glance to resolve errors and improve the outcome.

  • Analyze machine metrics
  • Check DTCs and maintenance status
  • Improve productivity on location
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With the app, your customers get the mobile functions they need even when they're on the go.

Check important metrics

Keep important machine metrics clearly in view so that you can react quickly and efficiently.

Active DTC tracker

Check for active trouble codes reported by your machines from anywhere.

Machines maintenance

Stay informed about upcoming maintenance tasks for your machines.

Geopositions of machines

See where your machines are anytime.

Multi-language support

The app can also be offered in languages other than English.

Customized, modern mobile app

Own a mobile app in your look and feel that is always up-to-date and features state-of-the-art functionality.

no development Effort

The ready-to-launch app for OEMs

With our help, you can offer your customers an app customized in your corporate design without any development effort or associated costs.

  • Based on a proven solution — our DataPlatform — and can be easily integrated into any existing telematics solution.
  • Always up-to-date — the app is maintained and updated by Proemion, so your app is always available in the latest version.
  • New features — we are continually working on new features that will be added to your app in periodic updates.

We create your custom-branded app

With our ready-to-launch product concept, we give you the basis for your individual app. Proemion takes care of the customization with your brand colors and logo, so, for the end-user, it feels like your own product. 

Customizable elements:

  • Company colors and logo
  • Application icon and name
  • Privacy Policy and the “Forgot Password” URL
  • Metrics

You control the distribution

We provide the installation files for the Machine Companion app independently from the big app stores. You can decide the app's price or even give it to your customers for free.

  • You control sales — the store's structure, prices, and the payment model is in your hands.
  • Recognizability and brand awareness — you can publish the app under your name and with your company's brand and style preferences.
  • Distribution — you decide how you want to make your app available for your customers: through Google Play and Apple App Store or exclusively on your website.
  • Don't be afraid of the one-time store setup — we support you with publishing your app and provide instructions.

Learn more about the Machine Companion App in the digital booklet

The booklet provides the following content:

  • All crucial information about the app in one document 
  • Menu impressions and descriptions 
  • Detailed machine features insights 
  • The benefits for OEMs 
  • Exemplary use case 
  • App launch process description 
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Test drive the Machine Companion App

Try the Machine Companion App to experience the benefits firsthand. 

It’s easy: simply download the Android version of the app from the Google Play Store or the iOS version from the Apple App Store. 

Then, log in with your DataPortal credentials.

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Based on a proven solution

The Machine Companion App is part of the Global Connectivity Solution.

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