Global Telematics Solution for Heavy Equipment OEMs

Ready to take your business to the next level? We provide OEMs with comprehensive access to their off-highway equipment data for monitoring and analysis. Explore limitless possibilities with our fully digitized solution. 

Fleet management

Transform your customers’ machine experience

Give dealers and fleet operators the data insights they demand and streamline their daily operations with Proemion's innovative fleet management solutions - fully customizable to your OEM brand.

  • Reduce machine downtime:
    Ensure operational reliability by minimizing delays, contributing directly to your customers' business continuity and success through state-of-the-art digital solutions.
  • Boost fleet productivity:
    Provide comprehensive insights into machine health, utilization, and performance, optimizing asset utilization and overall fleet productivity for owners.
  • Real-time fleet insights on-the-go:
    Empower machine owners to monitor their fleets through a mobile app, enabling data-based decision-making and increased operational agility.
Service Management

Unlock operational excellence and increase revenue

Maximize your revenue potential by leveraging our platform to enhance service excellence and drive revenue growth.

  • Minimize warranty downtime:
    Adopt online maintenance planning to reduce warranty machine downtime by up to 50%, ensuring strict maintenance cycles and continuous operation.
  • Save 20-30% on travel costs:
    Utilize remote service capabilities to decrease travel expenses notably, enabling diagnostics and service tasks from anywhere to minimize downtime.
  • Slash after-sales costs:
    Dramatically reduce expenses with firmware-over-the-air (FOTA) updates, eliminating unnecessary travel and technician deployment costs.
Research & Development

Driving innovation with real-world insights

Make the most of the data insights you get and take your product development to the next level.

  • Empower your R&D with field data:
    Gain invaluable insights into customer and machine behavior, driving the development of features and models that truly meet market needs.
  • Streamline product development:
    Leverage telematics data to refine your R&D process, minimize uncertainties, and deliver products that excel in real-world applications.
  • Unlock new business opportunities:
    Tap into the full potential of our DataPortal and DataPlatform to create innovative business models and revenue streams aligned with changing market needs and customer expectations. 

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Case studies

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How it works

Our solution connects you remotely to your machine and gives you insight 

With our Global OEM Telematics Solution, we provide direct remote access to the CAN data of all your machines. Thanks to bi-directional data transmission, you can receive and send data to your vehicles.

Insight from your machines helps you make the right decisions to move your business ahead. Reduce costs by digitizing your service and having fewer service cases to process on site. Generate new revenue by minimizing downtime or increase the security of your machines by using the data to protect them against theft.

A complete set of products to digitize machines.

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