A complete telematics solution for OEMs

Equip your machines to talk via global 4G and generate valuable insights to improve your business.

Our Global OEM Telematics solution is a complete suite of tools to connect, process, and access machine data both at the edge and in the cloud.

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Key benefits

Get insightful telematics data from your machines to set your business up for success.

Connect and innovate

Collect the data from every machine you manufacture, push instant updates to your global fleet, and start your transformation journey today.

Unlock new business value

Offer new digital solutions and optimize processes across service, engineering, and sales to build better experiences for your customers.

Build on a trusted solution

We provide a secure, enterprise-grade connectivity solution you can build on, saving time and money as your business moves forward.

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How it works

Our solution connects you remotely to your machine and gives you insight 

With our Global OEM Telematics Solution, we provide direct remote access to the CAN data of all your machines. Thanks to bi-directional data transmission, you can receive and send data to your vehicles.

Insight from your machines helps you make the right decisions to move your business ahead. Reduce costs by digitizing your service and having fewer service cases to process on site. Generate new revenue by minimizing downtime or increase the security of your machines by using the data to protect them against theft.

1. The CANlink® mobile hardware is connected to the machine's CAN bus and collects and transmits any CAN data wirelessly via the cellular network.

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2. Our DataPlatform receives the telematics data, where it is processed, stored, and made available via powerful APIs.

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3. Access all data through our DataPortal, Realtime Client, or Restful APIs to build your digital services.

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Case studies

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A complete set of products to digitize machines.