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How KAISER improves service excellence through remote diagnostics, saving time and money.

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    Global Connectivity

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    Mobile walking excavators and sewer cleaning vehicles

15%savings on travel costsSignificantreduction of downtime

Initial situation

For the Liechtenstein based company KAISER AG, a manufacturer of mobile walking excavators and sewer cleaning vehicles, customer focus is the priority. KAISER performs service for its customers with an emphasis on service excellence. Although KAISER has several locations worldwide, its cross-border sales led to high service costs and required a broad network of service technicians to guarantee fast, efficient service on-site.


Features and benefits

KAISER AG uses Proemion’s Global Connectivity Solution to enable location-independent service for its machines and customers. All KAISER machines have a CANlink® mobile installed, which sends CAN data about the vehicle to the Proemion DataPlatform via the cellular network. Now, through an interface between the DataPlatform and their existing, in-house diagnostics tool "KAISER Service Software," a service technician can connect to a machine in real-time. Thanks to bi-directional communication, service technicians can both send and receive data and parameters to machines. The solution enables KAISER’s service technicians to access the necessary data remotely, processing their service cases in a familiar software environment and spending less time on-site.


Business Outcome

KAISER successfully introduced the remote service offering to the market as "KAISERteleservice."

With remote service, customers can be offered a cost-optimized service that is better and faster than what was previously available. Now, a problem on the customer side can be analyzed easily from a desk. The next steps can be planned, and, for example, a service technician can be sent to the customer to install a replacement part that was ordered before the first visit, based on findings from the remote analysis.

The reduction of travel has saved KAISER 15% on related costs. Besides, expensive machine downtime has been reduced significantly because there is no waiting for a part to be ordered and no need for a second visit by a technician to install it. The integration of the Global Connectivity Solution into the existing service tool produces another advantage by eliminating the need for additional software training for service technicians.

For years, vehicles at our locations in Liechtenstein and Slovakia have been equipped with telematics solutions from Proemion as standard. Using "CANlink® mobile," we establish a connection to our customers' vehicles from our customer service department. Our product "KAISERteleservice" has established itself on the market and is an important part of what we offer to our customers.

Daniel Laubscher
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