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The machine engagement platform to transform your business

Leading OEM and Equipment Owners run their telematics offering on Proemion to get insightful telematics data from every machine.

Innovate your business, not just your machines

In today’s world, you need to respond to change fast and be closer to your customers than before. In addition, your customers expect you to increase their productivity through optimized machine performance and reducing unplanned downtime.

This kind of transformation isn’t easy. But with Proemion telematics, you can accelerate the pace of change with complete control of the solution. We’ll help rethink the way your business operates and together take it to the next level.

Deliver great service faster

Simplify fleet management

Deploy changes from anywhere

Average customer results

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100+ customers from different industries with 200.000+ active devices on the market

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Six reasons why leading OEMs work with Proemion

Successful outcomes

Our flexible solution and modern practices have sparked significant improvements in how OEMs continuously introduce new capabilities and how they run their business.

A trusted partnership

As an independent provider, Proemion has supported the world’s largest OEMs in digitalizing their machines and changing how they run their business. Now, we’re partnering with these organizations through the following stages of their transformation.

Clear technical ownership

We offer the complete value chain from hardware, SIM management, cloud platform, security, and service & fleet management portals, to guarantee you and your customers get the best telematics experience.

Environment neutral

Run your applications where you want. Whatever your chosen architecture, get a reliable and consistent operational experience.

Integration into existing systems

Don’t overcomplicate your IT stack by adding more tools. Instead, integrate your existing service tool in our solution to increase the adoption by your teams.

CAN expertise

For more than 30 years, we have been working with CAN technology and its application in mobile machines.

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