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IMER Group

By analyzing the machines remotely, IMER Group saves money and reduces machine downtime.

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    IMER Group

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    Global Connectivity

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30%reduction of downtime20%travel costs saved15%productivity increase (service)
The Challenge

Initial situation

All service actions at IMER are currently managed by a specialist team with limited resources. The ability to understand or solve a problem with a machine, via a single phone call to the machine owner, is limited due to the increased complexity of today's construction equipment. Often users report problems not directly relating to the machine itself, but rather as a result of their lack of knowledge, experience and/or competency. Rental companies are increasingly requesting more advanced services in addition to the supply of equipment. They are looking to deliver a better ROI from the equipment they rent by increasing the working life of machines and by investing in new equipment less frequently.

The Solution

Features and benefits

The IMER Group uses Proemion's Global Connectivity Solution to highlight when a machine needs attention, alert IMER to signs of an imminent failure and analyze precisely why a machine broke down. Where, when, and how long a machine is in use is also documented. "Real-time mode" checks for operational behavior and monitors detailed system settings. Parameter settings can be optimized as needed based on this detailed analysis.

The outcome

Business Outcome

With the help of our Global Connectivity Solution, the IMER Group and its dealers can query the current status of their equipment remotely. The ability to do so greatly reduces costs by minimizing downtime and travel expenses associated with deploying service personnel to the site.

Reports on individual machines can be created using our DataPortal.

Companies renting IMER vehicles also benefit from our Global Connectivity Solution as they can provide their customers with a cutting-edge digital service empowering them to develop new business models. Additionally, our solution helps to protect them against theft and equipment misuse.

IMERVIEW - the product from IMER powered by Proemion

Watch the videos below to get an even better feeling of how IMER Group is using our Global Connectivity Solution and how they have branded the DataPortal in their colors to provide their customers with a distinctive web interface.

You can also download the case study as a PDF or speak to us directly.

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The integration of the device is progressing well, and we are very satisfied by the robustness and the versatility of the product as far as by the technical and commercial support we get during this period. We introduced this technology into three divisions with good results. This introduction opens to us a dominant position on the IoT associated with building machinery, and this is absolutely very positive.

Massimo Valiani
IMER Group Electronic Manager

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