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By using our local connectivity solution, BOMAG establishes wireless machine-to-app communication and provides valuable insights for the machine operator in realtime.

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    Local Connectivity

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10%fuel saved15%increase in efficiency
(documentation and at the work process)
100%continuous compaction control compliant
The Challenge

Initial situation

BOMAG, a leading manufacturer of construction machinery, developed the BOMAP app as a solution for the digital earthworks and asphalt construction site. To enable operators to comprehensively document their work results, BOMAG was looking for a solution to capture and transmit machine data of BOMAG rollers directly to the BOMAP app. The solution should be applicable for BOMAG tandem rollers as well as BOMAG single drum rollers. 

The Solution

Features and benefits

Proemion's Local Connectivity solution enabled BOMAG rollers to record the relevant machine data and wirelessly transmit it to the BOMAP app. Specifically, a CANlink® wireless is fitted onto the BOMAG roller, capturing and sending CAN data such as EVIB, temperature, frequency, amplitude as well as machine status information via bluetooth. By integrating the Proemion proprietary Byte-Command API into the BOMAP app, the data is received directly on the smartphone or tablet in real-time.

The outcome

Business Outcome

Utilizing the process-relevant data of BOMAG rollers, the BOMAP app now offers full real-time documentation of the current work results, meeting the requirements of continuous compaction control (e.g., Bawü QSBW 4.0 and CCC).

Beyond ease of use, real-time documentation, and visualization in the BOMAP app, the efficiency on the construction site is significantly increased: The rollers do not make a single pass too much, saving fuel and working time. Furthermore, the wear of the machine is reduced, and overall on-site time management greatly improved.

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