Transform your business and improve customer experience with an all-in-one telematics web portal.

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key benefits

The telematics portal that gives you deeper machine insights and more remote capabilities.

Make insightful decisions

Access live data from your global fleet and create powerful dashboards to turn data into actionable insights.

Boost your productivity

Digitalize internal company processes such as maintenance workflows, perform remote updates to your machines, and enable your customers to do more.

Access data from any device

Your business does not stop at the office. Quickly access critical machine data and alerts on-the-go right from the browser or custom-branded mobile app.

How it works

One place to manage your machine data

The DataPortal is the final piece of a perfectly coordinated ecosystem: "Global Connectivity". Here all data and information from the DataPlatform is visualized and made accessible to you.

Data is imported into the web interface via REST API and can be displayed there in various diagrams and display formats. Other features, such as maintenance or alarms, are also informed via the REST API.

In the Global Connectivity ecosystem, the DataPortal becomes the central place to work for every department in your company, giving you the insight to make the right long-term decisions for your business.

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Watch our demo of the Proemion DataPortal and learn how to roll-out a data-driven telematics solution boosting your customer experience.

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The features

Explore the portal features that help you supercharge your customer experience.

Manage your entire fleet

Dashboards give you and your customers a complete overview of your fleet and make it possible for you to take a closer look at individual machines.

Choose from a variety of widgets that you can drag and drop to create your custom views. Then, assign your dashboard to your fleet, a machine model, or an individual machine. For example, design a dashboard with a few clicks to compare your fleet's fuel efficiency or to inspect the performance metrics and current error codes of your excavator or any machine.

The right view for every user

Define organization-specific dashboards and access permissions by using the org-tree feature. You can set up your complete organization hierarchy to set permissions to ensure each user or user group has access to its own data. For example:

  • OEM - full data access for your organization
  • Dealer - restricted data access to error codes only
  • Machine Owner - fleet management data only

It has never been so easy to roll out a complete telematics solution and push your customer experience to the next level.

Paperless maintenance workflows

What is the maintenance status of my machines? Which machine needs service next? Does my customer adhere to the recommended service intervals and protocols? All this can be monitored and evaluated at a glance with the maintenance tasks feature.

Furthermore, all service tasks are kept in synchronization between the machine and the DataPortal automatically. Remote service or on-site workshop? We got you covered.

Smart alerts to act on

Keep a close eye on the status of your machines and be informed of any abnormalities. Is a machine outside of its Geo-Fence? Were certain thresholds exceeded or not met? The event feature keeps you informed about the activities you choose to monitor.

Choose from many predefined smart event types such as time fences, fuel theft, or load detections or implement your custom own events.

Make insightful decisions

How high was the fuel consumption of my fleet in the last quarter? What was my fleet efficiency this week? How many operating hours did we spend on a specific construction site? Create powerful reports that answer all these questions in a few clicks.

Everything in safe hands

In the admin center, you can easily set up your organization tree, manage and assign all your machines, and adjust access rights that apply to them. To add new machines during your end of line test, use the automatic provisioning workflow.

You also have full user management access and can quickly invite new employees to the platform with a single click. User-based permissions ensure full control about access rights, and new features can be activated per organization level

Your custom look and feel

Simply adapt the appearance of the DataPortal to your brand. Blue instead of yellow? No problem! New logo? Exchanged in seconds! 

Machine Companion App

The app, which gives machine owners a quick status update of their machines in the field.

  • Analyze real-time machine metrics
  • Check DTC and maintenance status
  • Improve productivity on location
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