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"How long does it take?"

Unfortunately, the eternal question of the time required to complete this process is tough to answer because it depends on many factors.

  • How clear are your ideas about what you need and want from the project?
  • Have you already developed an IoT strategy? How quickly can we get started?
  • How big is your team in terms of the number of stakeholders involved with each process step?
  • Is there a dedicated team for this project, or will it share resources with other projects?

All these questions and many more influence the time frame for such a project. From our experience, to approach it thoughtfully takes an average of three months from the first meeting to the end of the pilot phase. 

We always adapt to your pace and possibilities. We believe that the choice of a suitable telematics system must be well thought out, as it is a long-term decision with the potential to impact your business over the next few years.


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