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The Easiest Way to Deliver & Consume Telematics Data.

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Connect your global fleet

Instant access to real-time telematics information from every machine and vehicle.

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The right hardware for the job

Installed at the point-of-manufacture to get instant access to your CAN data.

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All your data in one place

Connect to the cloud portal to access all your data and improve fleet performance.

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Connectivity Solutions
We provide embedded hardware and cloud-based web services for connectivity. Using the built-in SIM card, data can be sent worldwide in real-time using any mobile data carrier.

Our embedded products include wireless CAN interfaces, CAN displays, and other CAN components. These are designed to operate reliably under the harshest of conditions.

See how our customers use our products to connect their mobile machines - both locally via WiFi/Bluetooth or remotely via GSM.

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The Proemion cloud-based software solution is available as a portal and as a real-time application. Using the web-based portal solution, fast CAN machine data transmission is possible, and you can control your vehicles and machines from anywhere in the world.

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