Proemion replaced RSP's multivendor telematics offering with a single-source solution that positioned them for growth and supported their drive for improved functionality, flexibility, and analytics.

  • customer 

    RSP GmbH 

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    Global Connectvity 

  • industry 

    Manufacturer of suction excavators and special suction equipment 

initial situation 

An inflexible telematics solution that made growth challenging

Before partnering with us, RSP had its own telematics solution in place for several years. This was consistent with their ambition to be number one in the suction excavator and equipment industry by innovating and delivering industry-leading products and services from a single source.

"We have to give our customers information about the core functions of their machines via telematics."

However, their ambitious "make vs. buy" approach to telematics was not without challenges. Their solution was made up of hardware, software, infrastructure, and servers from various suppliers and needed to be more flexible to match their needs.

Despite standardizing peripherals in their machines during product development, their telematics solution didn't have the range of functionality they needed. They required flexible configuration, a customizable portal, and more analysis functions to allow their customers to interpret machine metrics in more depth to inform continual improvements in their business.

In addition, it was important for RSP to implement a good enough solution to convince customers to switch from existing third-party systems to RSP's solution. It also had to be a telematics solution they could maintain themselves.

All of this prompted RSP to approach several telematics suppliers, including Proemion, to find a single-source, comprehensive telematics solution that was reliable and backed up by fast and responsive support.

The new telematics supplier they sought had to match the features of their in-house solution precisely, plus provide additional functionality.

the solution

Future-proof telematics from a single source

RSP considered several telematics companies before selecting Proemion as their preferred hardware, software, and infrastructure supplier.

After careful examination of the marketplace, they selected Proemion for the following reasons:

  • We were a single supply source for all their telematics needs, including being manufacturers of our hardware.
  • They could completely avoid the cost and complexity of continuing the development of their telematics and replace it with a better and more functional solution.
  • Our hardware offered global 4G, with good connectivity and coverage - they had experienced challenges in this area with their in-house telematics solution.
  • The hardware they selected, our CANlink® mobile 3677 with global 4G, met all their current requirements, and with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and 3 CAN ports, gave them additional functionality to future-proof their investment.
  • RSP considered our hardware a market-leading product for its functionality and robustness and was happy to invest in a premium product.
  • Our open architecture enabled the integration of third-party systems into the solution.
  • We met the strict requirements of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).
  • They were confident in the high quality of our solution, developed in-house, and viewed us as a trusted partner to help them grow their business in the future.

RSP was uniquely positioned, with several years of telematics experience implementing their solution. We were proud to be selected as "best of breed" by such a knowledgeable, technology-aware customer.


We became their trusted telematics partner

RSP has been equipping their suction excavator with our Telematics Control Unit, CANlink® mobile 3677 with global 4G, since the end of 2021. Additionally, they offered their customers telematics under "RSP CONNECT" so they could also benefit from our technology.

  • Customer feedback was regularly collected via questionnaire to improve their telematics offering further as they worked towards using the full potential of our comprehensive solution.
  • They were now able to train and support their customers using telematics to accomplish their daily work tasks more productively. This resulted in cost savings in fuel consumption, more efficient suction, and reduced emissions.
  • Some RSP departments using our DataPortal included the service department, machine commissioning/provisioning (which had their own dashboards), and their sales department, which used it for demonstrations.
  • They were impressed that we reacted quickly to their requests, promptly answered all their questions, and partnered with them to meet new challenges head-on.

Overall, they were confident Proemion was a trusted partner they could work closely with to keep pace with its planned growth and evolving business and technical requirements.

the future

A flexible solution with headroom for growth

With our solution in place, RSP can now concentrate on the increased use of telematics for product enhancement and developing new business cases such as maintenance management, data-based billing models, and more. Ultimately, they aim to push machine data automatically into their ERP system via our REST API.

Service is a key focus area for them and is to be further developed and improved through remote service support, real-time diagnostics, unlocking additional machine features remotely, and firmware updates over the air. In addition, our solution opens up the possibility for RSP to generate income from new sources, such as selling telematics and monthly reports.

Finally, they intend to expand their new telematics capacity one step at a time, confident of the support available from Proemion every step of the way.

In Proemion, we have found a reliable and flexible partner to support our drive to be number one in the suction excavators and specialist suction equipment space. We are confident in their telematics solution and ability to support RSP and its customers while meeting all necessary regulatory requirements, now and in the future.

Kai von Nessen 
Business Development

About RSP 

RSP is an innovative manufacturer of ventilation suction technology. As a family business, we are at home in Thuringia, and with our international connections, we are home all over the world. Our suction dredgers are specialists in the construction industry - built by specialists. With over 400 employees at three production sites, many years of experience, and a high level of competence, we create individualized solutions for our customers for stationary suction systems or suction bodies on chassis.

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