Unlocking the full potential of OEM data

Harnessing data for enhanced performance and revenue


The benefits of ProInsights

The benefits of using ProInsights for data analytics include:

  • Reduced quality costs for OEMs
  • Increased revenue through identifying business opportunities
  • Increased revenue by developing superior products
  • Improved machine owner satisfaction due to higher machine uptime
  • Improved machine owner satisfaction thanks to increased operational efficiency and lower operational costs

Transforming Data into Actionable Intelligence for OEMs  

As digitalization continues to advance, the conversation around the importance of high-quality data collection grows louder. Indeed, gathering clean, reliable data is a critical first step in gaining valuable insights into business operations. However, the true challenge lies in effectively analyzing the amassed information, a hurdle many OEMs still grapple with.  

Recognizing this gap, we have developed ProInsights to empower OEMs to harness the full potential of their data.   

ProInsights is engineered to support businesses in transforming raw data into actionable intelligence, enabling them to make informed decisions and drive their operations to new heights. This innovative tool is the key to unlocking a more profound understanding and enhanced performance in an increasingly data-driven world.

ProInsights is a comprehensive toolkit designed to deliver faster and more efficient data analytics for OEMs. It features advanced capabilities like fleet-level reliability and utilization analysis, enabling businesses to gain deeper insights into machine performance, safety, and operational efficiency. Additionally, these environments are capable of developing machine learning models, providing powerful predictive analytics and automation features. Whether troubleshooting machine issues or optimizing their performance, ProInsights caters to various needs, helping businesses save money, increase revenue, and enhance customer satisfaction. 

Developed by Proemion, ProInsights leverages the robust DataPlatform, which serves as the backbone for its analytics features. This platform seamlessly integrates with the DataPortal and API, efficiently providing insights to users. Proemion's strong collaboration with OEM machine engineering experts allows for a deep understanding of data sources, facilitating quick and effective deployment of updates and new solutions. 

ProInsights also supports agile data analytics, addressing evolving customer needs through an iterative approach. This environment combines cutting-edge technologies with Proemion's extensive experience in data science, enabling customers to bypass the resource-intensive setup phase and dive directly into agile data analytics. With ProInsights, businesses can quickly and efficiently achieve their data analytics goals. 

Diverse use cases for ProInsights in data analytics

ProInsights supports a wide array of use cases, making it a versatile tool for agile data analytics. Businesses can utilize it to investigate specific questions about machine utilization, providing valuable input for product development by analyzing factors like power demand and operating temperatures. It also excels in conducting in-depth investigations of the root causes of machine failures and examining the wear behavior of machine components, which is crucial for predictive maintenance.   

Additionally, ProInsights can explore business potentials by evaluating machine utilization and age across different regions, assessing fuel efficiency in relation to various factors, and analyzing machine operation to offer optimized operational advice to customers.  

With such a diverse range of use cases, ProInsights offers valuable opportunities for every OEM to benefit significantly from this feature.

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If you have questions about ProInsights, you can go to our documentation for a comprehensive manual or here to learn more about it. Alternatively, you can reach out to us and our FAEs. We will be more than happy to discuss the potential ProInsights can hold for your business.  

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