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Bucher Municipal

Discover how Bucher Municipal improved their sustainable after-sales service solution for its customers while reducing pollution, saving money, and increasing revenue.  

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    Bucher Municipal

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    Global Telematics for OEMs

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    Road cleaning solutions


Lost business opportunities due to limited access to sweeper data

Bucher Municipal, a manufacturer and supplier of municipal vehicles, has been a global market leader from its Swiss headquarters since 1951. The company's "Bucher Connect" platform is a holistic after-sales solution, redefining machine digitalization by seamlessly integrating repair and service planning. Bucher Connect eases the operational burden for fleet owners worldwide, optimizing street cleaning and sweeping operations while minimizing downtime and costs. 

However, Bucher Municipal faced a crucial challenge due to their rudimentary telematics solution for sweeper vehicles, which provided only basic information such as GPS location and kilometers driven. The limited access to sweeper data hindered precise recommendations, depriving them of essential after-sales business opportunities like spare part sales, service packages, and remote diagnostics. It was clear that Bucher Municipal needed a more comprehensive digital solution to deliver more profound insights into their sweeper data, including reliable data transfer.  They were, therefore, looking for a partner to help them enhance and level up their “Bucher Connect” solution, unlock new revenue possibilities, and improve customer usability and service.


Bucher sweepers on the road to the digital future


Proemion's machine data platform created a seamless data path to solve Bucher's challenges. Central to the solution was connecting the Proemion DataPlatform with Bucher Municipal's platform using the Proemion DataPump. Bucher also used the CANlink® mobile telematics control unit (TCU) for data collection, connecting directly to the vehicle's CAN bus and accessing critical vehicle data such as fault codes. This device used a built-in SIM card to transmit the data to the DataPlatform via the cellular network. Data synchronization was critical. The DataPlatform seamlessly linked to Bucher Municipal's cloud via the DataPump, facilitating the direct transfer of machine data to the Bucher Connect portal.


New insights are used to develop new business models and increase customer loyalty

The collaboration between Proemion and Bucher Municipal has evolved into a long-term partnership, driving the development of the transformative “Bucher Connect” portal to enable service excellence. Proemion emerged as the trusted data supplier, facilitating Bucher Municipal's vision without the need for complex programming thanks to the unique capabilities of the CANlink mobile®'s configuration options. This also allowed for streamlined data processing on their CANlink mobile®, significantly reducing data volume.

Another significant benefit is the real-time capabilities, which enable insightful fault code analysis that expedites swift resolutions and accurately matches the service requirements to the right personnel and necessary spare parts. This approach was reinforced by an API-first strategy, enabling seamless integration with other software. Thanks to this, Bucher Municipal and its customers can monitor and improve uptime while providing their customers with a solution that maximizes fleet productivity.

As a result of this multi-layered partnership, the "Bucher Connect" portal has become a hub for optimized data, real-time insights, and informed decision-making.

Proemion's DataPlatform has been a game-changer for us at Bucher Municipal. It has streamlined our operations, empowered our service teams, and increased customer satisfaction. With real-time insights and seamless integration, we are maximizing the productivity of our fleet and delivering service excellence to our customers.

Thomas Metz
Head of Telematics at Bucher Municipal

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