Data Center

Secure and highly available infrastructure for your machine data.


Our data center fulfills the highest international standards of data security.

High Availability

Our infrastructure hardware is redundantly designed, from the network cable to the server.

24/7 Monitoring

Our dedicated Data Center team monitors our application 24/7. Visit our Status Page.

Our data center in Frankfurt

To provide the best security for you and your information, we have teamed up with a trusted partner operating 200 data centers around the world and serving telecommunications companies, streaming services, social media providers, financial service providers, and cloud providers.

All data is exclusively stored on Proemion's owned Infrastructure to meet the highest security and operational standards. The administration and maintenance of our server farm is carried out entirely by our own data center team. 

The data center fulfills all international standards for data security as well as high physical security to best protect your data.


The data center features UPS and backup systems with N + 1 redundancy and industry-leading availability.

Power Density

With its reliable air conditioning systems (HVAC), the data center itself exceeds the requirements of demanding IT systems with high energy requirements. The power supply systems are redundant and protected against local faults by UPS systems with N + 1 redundancy and backup generator systems.


Each data center has extensive security equipment, including individual cages for each tenant’s hardware, as well as procedures to control, monitor and document access to the site. To get to the server areas, five security controls typically have to be passed - including staffed checkpoints, manlocks, and biometric recognition systems.

  • 24/7 Monitoring
  • 24/7 On-site security officers
  • Dedicated infrastructure

Further expansion of our data center network

In the medium term, we plan to build similar data centers in the US and Asia to provide a competitive global infrastructure for our data platform.

The world's most respected companies trust Proemion